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I've been struggling for a week to catch Feebas in Sun, and I finally caught one, trained it well, and got a Prism Scale. However, I was devastated when I saw how to evolve Feebas.

I'm trying to find better ways to evolve Feebas without trading with a stranger; I don't know if they will refuse to give me back my Feebas and steal it. I've been watching How-To's on evolving Feebas in Gen 7, but the publishers were trading with their friends, cousins, and some of them even traded using their SECOND 3DS.

I really want to make sure all the patience at Brooklet Hill and the training paid off, but now I can't even find a safe way to get a Milotic without being scammed. Can someone please share with me how they got a Milotic without trading with someone you didn't know? In other words, how can I safely evolve my Feebas?

If there isn't, I'll never have a Milotic, and I never even had one before!

(I do not have any real life friends that play Sun/Moon, and I don't have a second 3DS)

Not an answer, but if you went on chat you could probably find someone to help you out. The regulars are pretty trustworthy.
You can try breeding a bunch of them and breeding more if people are stealing them.
If you don't mind having a Milotic that doesn't have your OT, you can have your Feebas hold a Prism Scale and put it on the GTS and ask for Milotic.

If you don't want to do that, as DA830 said, most of the users who are often on chat are pretty nice.
@Indigo This is in Sun, so I don't think he can do that...
@ Indigo as with all previous generations, you can't cross from Gen 7 back into Gen 6 using PokeBank.  The Beauty method is invalid in this circumstance.  Forward only, not backward.
@ PhailRaptor Oh yeah I'm an idiot lol.
I traded with one of my friends. Just try to find someone you know with a 3ds.

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Do what I did with my clamperl: I put a deep sea scale on my clamperl, and put her in the GTS asking for a Gorebyss. They traded and we both ended up with a Gorebyss in the end.
Put the prism scale on your feebas, put it in the GTS and ask for a Milotic.
GENDER DIFFERENCES IN MILOTIC (just in case you want one more than the other): Males have short 'hair' and females have long 'hair'. If you need the sprites:

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Spr_6x_350_f.png for female

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Spr_6x_350_m.png for male

https://pokemondb.net/sprites/milotic for all sprites

I know the last link is from this site, but it is still helpful in this situation. I put the male and female in because you might want to ask for a specific gender, like I asked for my Gorebyss to be female.
I hope this helped!

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You can try finding someone else who has the same problem of evolving a Pokemon too, and you can trade with them. You can also put it on the GTS asking for another prism scale feebas or milotic.

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If you have a Reddit account, you can throw up a post here and await a response. There are also a number of other similar subreddits if that one in particular is not to your liking.

Other than that, you'll have to take a chance with strangers, buy another 3DS and (assumedly) Moon to do it yourself, or make some new friends.

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You might want to breed a few Feebas first before trying to trade with a few strangers so that if they trick you on one than you still have other ones