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Currently I've been trying to breedy for a shiny Feebas and decided I should at least try to pass down some good IVs for it.

As of now I have a few Feebas with perfect HP, SpAtk, and Speed.

Are there better IVs for Feebas/Milotic?

To clarify, I don't battle competitively but I plan on giving away the non-shiny Feebas to trainers who do battle.

Sorry if this isn't the place to post this question, it's been a long time since I've been on here :P

Usually both defenses because milotic is usually a bulky pokemon attack iv for those who use dragon tail sets ability would be marvel scale best for it

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Honestly, with any Pokemon, you want to get as many good IVs as it needs. It increases value, and, obviously, stats.
That said, if Milotic will not be using any physical attacks you can ignore Attack IVs, and if you really don't want to bother breeding a 5 IV Pokemon since you don't play competitively, then go for SDef, Def, SAtk, and HP. Speed isn't super important for Milotic, and competitive players who want one with the IVs will simply rebreed using the one you give them.