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Gender: Human
Country: U.S.A.
Favorite Pokémon: #1. Absol #2. Mawile, Braixen, Gardevoir, Swampert, Scolipede
Friend Codes: In Pokemon Showdown I'm Da Primarina
About me: Hi. Why did you come here, human? Why are you so interested in my life? Well... I suppose I'll write some stuff since you're here.

Pokemon games I have: Platinum, Soul Silver, White, White 2, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Moon, Ultra Moon, Let's Go Pikachu, Super Mystery Dungeon, Explorers of Sky, Sword

I really don't feel like adding a profile picture.

Some of my favorite characters:
-Caitlin (Pokemon)
-Cyrus (Pokemon)
-Nico (Percy Jackson)
-Lupin (Harry Potter)
-Luna (Harry Potter)
-Narcissa (Harry Potter)

I have Smash Ultimate. I play it sometimes.

Some YouTubers I'm subscribed to:
-Danny Gonzalez (I am truly Greg)
-Peter Knetter

These are my friends' YouTube channels. Check them out!
-Molly G
-Derpy PotatoFox
-Nina Filippi

-------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

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Happy Holidays!
Dec 23, 2018 by Lucky Ranno
It's okay.
Nov 30, 2018 by Lucky Ranno
I know right!
Nov 26, 2018 by ♥ ~P e k o c h u~ ♥
Hello there! I also occasionally watch Chipflake.
Oct 5, 2018 by Lucky Ranno
Good! What about you?

Also As I was writing the message above, I saw that your wall asked if I like Chipflake to answer that one... Yes! I do! My first video by her was the one where she banned Google in her school.
Oct 5, 2018 by ♥ ~P e k o c h u~ ♥
Sep 8, 2018 by ♥ ~P e k o c h u~ ♥
I changed it on the 1st. Here's the name change log for proof. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/66987/username-changes-autumn-2018
Sep 5, 2018 by ♥ ~P e k o c h u~ ♥
Aug 30, 2018 by Lucky Ranno
Actually Crystal beame my favorite yesterday sfter how fun I realized speedrunning on it is.
Aug 29, 2018 by stall_fest
Nothing really.
Aug 29, 2018 by ♥ ~P e k o c h u~ ♥