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It's time for a new name-change period! I'll probably stick to doing these around twice a year; I don't see a need to change names more often than that.

Pokemon Name Rater Sun Moon

If you would like to change your username, you can do so very soon. As usual this thread is open for a few days before the names can be changed. This gives everyone time to see they are coming. You may also wish to post an answer asking for others' opinions on possible names you're considering.

Username changes will open Saturday 1st September and close Monday 3rd.

Updating usernames is done by going to your user page and clicking "Edit my account" (direct shortcut link here). Username restrictions:

  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' or any profanity in them.
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.

You will keep the username you choose for another six months, so ensure that the name you choose is one that you like! Once you have changed, please post an answer with both your old name and new name, so other members know who has changed. Thanks!

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That was funny. Thanks for the laugh.
@EdDaBoss Please use answers for asking about your username, not comments. But hurry up if you're gonna change, you only have a few hours left :)

P.S. why not go for Ed(DropDa)Bass?
Listen to Pokemaster! He knows stuff.
Noooooo. I missed it! I wanted to be The Lonely Mimikyu

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Sure, Wynaut? There’s no Shaymin being a little late! After all, eXcess is an eXcessive name, and I’m Lycan the creativity of my old one! (Sorry)

eXcess —> X-Scizor

i like eXcess better
if you like it keep it
I liked eXcess too, but I kinda miss X-Scizor :P
Welcome back X-Scizor! Where have you been?
Wow, dem punz, man.
I think I was mistakenly swapped with a sheep from that asdf movie, but I’m not completely sure...
Wow 6 upvotes!
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thecarnapper5 —> thecranpper

Thanks Pikamaster.

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If you kidnap cars then what do you use to drive away with the car? Do you use the car you just carnapped? If so, wouldn’t that be grand-theft auto? Would GTA and kidnapping be classified as different crimes? My head hurts now.
No, I just pick up the car and run away with it. Obviously.
Understandable have a great day.
change your name back to crapper pls
too late lol
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I will become the another Guy... COMPLETELY RANDOM.

Pokémon Guy ~~~~> Poké Guy Fieri

With an ingenious Gravitar to go with it!

EDIT: It has been completed! Although, it's not as great as I anticipated.

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Enjoy losing your free will to choose your Gravatar :)
NOOOO! Why you have to remind me? :(
I don't even see a Gravatar lol
K. I'll be patient.
My grav is so boring...
Honestly my new grav is so hot. And it's my first Callie grav too!
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Ёṡṗëöṅäġë >>>>>> ᴏᴄᴛᴀʟᴍᴀʀɪ

Previous Edit: I'm choosing my name now. Thanks,! Also, I was impatient and I didn't want to wait until Sep 1st. So my name is going to be.... Splatooneon! Congratulations to Pokemon Guy for getting the 1/10 chance of having my name changed to his own choice!

I felt like Splatooneon was a little too uninteresting, so I made my name MewCreation-Style!

EDIT: Sorry for the spam! This is the last edit! I just remembered I'm lying to the new users by having "eon" in my name. So now my new name is Octalmari! SmellYaLater!

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crap you just reminded me. I need to stay true to my words. ButterScotchfairytype♥ is the last time I'm going to lie to my peers. I guess I'm coming back to
@Ёṡṗëöṅäġë, So you chose one of my names since your profile says you don't like the Eeveelutions?
@ThunderClapper I used to choose this one. WheelDecide happened to be the same method I used to choose Splatooneon.
I got all excited too... Oh well, Splatooneon will rest in piece.
@Ёṡṗëöṅäġë, Oh yeah, I forgot you used for decide your previous-gonna be-almost name.
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Jay ze VünderTrainer. Nein, I only focus on ze ability Vundergard (Wonderguard), like ze test subjects of Vundertomb/eye. As vell as ze Burn-Up Arcanein and Air Balloon pure-Electric- or Poison/Dark-types.

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I understand everything. Coz I'm dutch you know.
(owo we are rivals now)
I like it.
iS tHis ThE cOmMuNiSm LaNgUaGe??????
This is surprisingly the first time I've accidentally hid something.
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KirbyCuteKing seems nice and fits my avatar. also TheSmasher is a dumb name

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S M A S H :))))
Lemme Smash ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No, Ron.
I like KirbyCuteKing.
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Finally made my decision through votes, and CrazyCradily wins.

So, LightRoserade->CrazyCradily

lol, everyone wants CC back :))

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My vote's for SacredFireChandelure
I want CrazyCradily
You were CrazyCradily? I had no idea.
You should stay as LR.
3 votes

DA830 to gaym7b5.
I've had DA830 for quite a while. gaymb75 is consistent with my discord username anyways.

Just hid a chain of comments. There's really no reason to debate possibly controversial subjects on a Pokemon website.
It's a joke lol!
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Empty Boxes --> Emty

3 votes

I really wasn't going to because I already liked my current name so much and I hate making things difficult for people to remember but I thought of one I really like last-minute.

Gamecube → Your Excellency

hidden reported banned
flagged and perma-banned
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SeeYaLater ------> SmellYaLater Just kidding, I want pretty much a big change! And, I don't wanna go around with 'smell' in my name.

Are you Reggiieee!??!!?

SeeYaLater ~~~~~~~> SeeYaLater!

Ayy lmao
^ No youre thinking of THIS Reggie:
No, reggie from the Nintendo Direct Octalmari.
It's a joke.
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ThunderClaper >>> Alolan Vulpix.

That's it, I just want to change my name (I'll change my Gravatar too). Also thanks to all of you who never talked about the typo in my name (ThunderClaper) :)

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Honestly your current grav looks like Zeraora doing an impression of Captain Falcon
Knee of Justice!
@Ёṡṗëöṅäġë, That's exactly what I thought when I drew it, lol.

@Pokémon Guy, yes.
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Returning to my roots, boyos.
OrangeWigMan ----->----->----- WhoGotzDaFud

RIP OrangeWigMan
UGotzDaFud!? Gimme Dat Fud!!

rip orange wig man. you were never a man... you were a dog
broski, we're both returning to our roots :')
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From MoonlitMadness 2 octazooka

Cool. Did you draw that yourself?
So... you said you never heard of Splatoon and yet your Gravatar is Octillery as Dj Octavio. Okay.
he probs doesn't know who dj octavio is either. so let me explain. mr dj octavio is the final boss and main antagonist of splatoon 1. octoling being main antagonist of 2 i think? i havn't got the octopass yet :/
@KirbyCuteKing Dj Octavio is also the final boss and antagonist of Splatoon 2. Not to be confused with the final boss of the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion (Prolly what you meant by Octopass)
My avatar is this guy named Ikalgo not this DJ dude
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The Poipole >>>>>> Azelfeo.

The Diance?
I would do that, but then some people could think I'm weird (like changing my name to Barbie King, I hate Barbie).
1 vote

Electric Z --> Meta Ridley, Proteus Ridley, or Reversal

You guys pick

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Are you going to change your Gravitar with the new name?
You should become Meta Ridley.
Meta Ridley is cool-ish.
Meta Ridley is the coolest thing I ever heard!
you maining ridley in ultimate?
No, I'm maining Inkling. And prolly Bandana Dee if it comes out.
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LeafyBlade --> SceptileNoob

EDIT: leafyBlade --> RobloxianSceptile

Thanks to KirbyCuteKing For the username

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Do you really want to go about as Noob?
Your new name will tell people you know nothing about Sceptile and you don't know how to battle competitively with it.
Alternatively it will tell people you're humble.
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Old name = Olli
new name = Hórus

What does it mean?
The name of an egypt god.