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Username changes are now closed until December.

OK it's that time again!

Name rater

Name changes will be unlocked from Friday 5th Sept and will run until Sunday morning (maybe slightly longer, but no guarantees).

I've opened the thread now so everyone has a heads up. And some people like to ask others for opinions on changes - if that's the case post an answer with the options you're considering and others can comment. (If you definitely know what you're changing to, please don't post until you've actually changed it this weekend.)

Updating usernames is done by going to your user page and clicking "Edit my account" (direct shortcut link here).

Username restrictions:

  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' in them, nor profanity.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
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Weren't we supposed to be able to change our usernames at the beginning of December?
PM hasn't gotten around to posting it yet. Be patient, he will eventually.
Oh yeah, it's nearly the end of the month.
End of the year.
Its almost febuwary where is pm?
I hate my username so much, I need to change it!

39 Answers

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Kawaii Terlor -----> Sir Terlor

Yeah that's right, i have been knighted by none else but her majesty the queen!
Here's visual proof:

thy Terlor is dabass.

You and Dan can sir together.
Not even a proper Sir imo
Now to think of it the Queen looks like she's all 'I'll knight you or I'll kill you ol' granny style'...
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dOkTorR (ツ) d00D? --> Dr Dude
Because clap-clap + Its impossible to log in with the name I have now xd. always have to find an old question answered by me and then copypaste
enter image description here

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Much better as 'Dr Dude' imo.
yes, indeed. "dOkTOrr D00d?" was just meant as a joke, and then change it back just before the name change period ended, but then I forgot .3.
You could've just used your email account right?
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                 Jofly > ThatAin'tFalco

enter image description here

lel, so random >.<
well that ain't falco in that pictrue  for sure :)
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I'm changing to Sciz since it's basically my name here anyway.
enter image description here

Hello Sciz.
Hello there
3 votes

Scraf -> Le Scraf

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Yes! Although it needs a space ;)
And what do you mean by 'leave'?
You better not mean what I'm thinking? :/
Leave as in stay but not answer questions as frequently until I feel better w/ myself.
What are you thinking?
He's probably thinking as in leaving the site.
↑ I thought you meant you were leaving the site for a lengthy period of time.
Are you getting rid of that weird ϝ?
i like the symbol
I hated it! It was ugly and sheet
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Immortal ---> Raven

Ravens are awesome and dark. And the name sounds cool, so yeah.
Right up my alley.

Changing back to JackZero until the name is free.


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Gdi you chose one of the names I was gonna thinking of jurk ;~;
Whelp, Ninja'd.
You can do name decoration, O name decoration.
Name decoration is just stupid.
Damn Indi, Ninja called you out! (i agree with him btw)
I agree as well.
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Young Reezy ---> Cyrax

Yes I know I said Lord Kaname,Cyber Kaname or Reptile but after alot of thought Cyrax came up and I thought "Hmm Cyrax is cool,rebellious and the most underated fighter in Mortal Kombat so down with the lord and enter Cyrax.

enter image description here

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You're welcome.
2 votes

Changed my mind again

Graveyard shift too..


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You're an Eeveelution??
Losteon, lel.
I was thinking that. Losteon...
Poor Eevee ;-;
If you ever decide to stick to a name you should just go back to Recoded.
Possibly, but i get bored to easy :I
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I'm gonna go to -[Ninja'd-French-Frog]- cos Greninja still rox.

On second thought -[Ninja'd-Greninja]- sounds better. Tell me what you think.

Or maybe -[Iron-Frog]- or [MEGA] Metal Ninja.

Wait, the perfect name would be ~[|Greninja-Skywalker|]~

enter image description here

BTW, I already changed my Grav.

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iron frog!
I edited out the last name change because it had more than 20 characters. If you can shorten it then feel free to put it back in lol :P
now im

vlook below
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Phoebus Apollo~ --> FallenFury13

enter image description here

Why the "13"?
Because FallenFury69 was taken.
Lmao Terlor. 13 cuz unlucky number seems to fit, and it fits my name on another site.
Imo just Fallen Fury. But that's just me. :D
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Alrighty it's time!


to one of these names.

The Giginator


Commando Ducklett

Radioactive Plum

Prince of Shy Guys

I am strongly leaning toward Commando Ducklett, what do you guys think?


There is this one username I might want to keep for a while. It will be so awesome, that even the mods will bow(not sure tho) to me. Everybody would want this name so badly. I'll tell you guys what it is. It is

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Radioactive Plum.
Commando Ducklett
i like commando ducklett
Commando ducklett :D
Commando Ducklett FTW (litterly, it obviously wins)!
i think i will call you general guy! ((from the oringnal papper mario where you get watt aka chapter 4 of that game)) i call you general guy now :3
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Some of you already know what name I want~
Leo1697------>ƒєηяιя: тнє υηвσυη∂
(Or Fenrir: the unbound for people that can't read that ;o)
enter image description here

Looks like it says "mhe" instead of the
That "m" looks nothing like a T.
I don't know what happened to it, I put it through the fancy text maker-ma-jinger, it had the "t" in it, copy pasted it over, and it turned into a m :/ (even in editing it shows as a T)
I find smite to have an interesting mechanic, but is a bit dull in teamfights, the jungle and roster than League or even Dota.
2 votes

And so, we have a winner

Victini Victory is back, everyone!

So, here are the options:

  1. Munchlax Forever - ONE

  2. Victini Victory - SIX

  3. MagikarpShouldBeUber - THREE

  4. Beautifly Blade - ONE

  5. Raised By Wolves - TWO

  6. ElectricShockRotom - ONE

Choose wisely! Vote, now! The votes will go on until SATURDAY, then I will change the name and keep it forever. Ties will result in flipping a coin. GO!

Munchlax Forever, the first name I had ever on the DB. Oh, the memories! The wonder! The awkwardness with Rio!

Victini Victory, the name I had when I was really popular and active here on the DB. Had lots of friends around this time. The popularity! The activeness! The JirachiCelebiMew!

MagikarpShouldBeUber, the joke of a name I made with the user Absol. In this time, I first indulged in the world of metagame. The bad jokes! The metagame! The uber!

Beautifly Blade, the name I picked during my love of Beautifly stage. Also shows with my gravatar, which I keep forgetting to change. The love! The blades! The fun!

Raised By Wolves, hmm, didn't keep this one for long actually. Got the idea from DT's profile, actually. It's a cool name, though. No memories...

ElectricShockRotom, the name that brings back memories of a sadder time when all my friends began to leave. Had a bit of a breakdown, not gonna expand on that. The sadness! The depression! The breakdowns!

So, based off this information (which is useless) pick wisely.

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magikarp should be uber
Victini Victory! Victory Victini!

Sry for caps but it's worth it
Raised by wolves is from lupus i bet
VV used that name before Lupus was here lol
1 vote

Toxicroak ------> Jewelite ( 5 votes )

enter image description here

or SkellyHeart ( 0 votes )

enter image description here

Well, jewelite it is!

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If I could say it a million times more I would lol
Yes Jewelite
Jewelite (not a dupe comment :P)
Jewelite (filler)
Funny how in the end you did not change your name at all .-.
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Whatever unicode crap of a name I have now should be changed to just "Gligurr"

why has mine not changed yet and everyone else's has?
Because you change it manually via your account page.
1 vote

Will become:
- Lusty - 5 votes
- Lenub - 1 vote (Ayan lawl)
- Other - 6 votes

You guys choose.

GS edit: Please stop editing that in -.-;

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Lusty >.>
Jokes aside, Lusty.
Lenub, but I'd rather Leboss. :*
1 vote

Arcazeus to colonel sanders or shy guy of justice

enter image description here

In the words of the great Colonel Sanders."i'm too drunk to taste this chicken.

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My pic is either too big or too small :/
Colonol Sanders
Shy Guy
Colonel Sanders
i shall now call you genral guy (oh and be the justice shy guy)
1 vote

Hmm im getting tired of my name how about <|Skymin|>

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1 vote

Blazo will become Mr. Blazo or Mr. Mister Mister, you guys decide for me k?

You should go for Mr. Dr. Prof. Fluffy
Mr. Sir
1 vote

Axel71>>>Legend of Lotad

Finally, I can get rid of my Misspelled name based on World Axle :D

All Hail Lotad,the almighty Legend!