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This thread is now closed. All usernames are locked in place until September.

I've decided that the old way of users changing their usernames is too much hassle for me. I could set up a system so that mods can change names too, but instead I've come up with a better idea.

Pokemon Name Rater

Every 3 months, I will set the option that allows all users to change their own usernames. Then I will start a thread here on Meta to publicize it. For the next week or so, all users will be able to change their usernames.

They can then post an answer saying they've changed their name if they wish to. Users can also use the question for polls on a new username if they want to. Remember that you must change your username before the deadline though!

After a week, the thread will be closed and no one will be able to change their username for another 3 months. This solves several problems all at once, including everyone knowing exactly when they can change their username next, and taking a load off myself.

The "open period" will be the first week of every season (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter), in other words the first week of March, June, September and December.

Since we are almost at June, I have now opened the username changing period for the summer! This thread serves as the username-changing thread for Summer 2013. Simply go to "My Account" and you can change your username!

Deadline: Sunday 9th June

closed with the note: No more changes :)
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there is someone who can change his name every time all day long his name is ZeikGeit LetsPlays.
New users can do that.
I changed mine four times when I first got on
^^less than what he said now ^^
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was gonna change my name to Swaglax!

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SBR returns :D

RedShift. >>> |SentByRavens|

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YES!YES!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Swaggron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Y U NO KEEP Swaggron?!?!?!?!
... Because I took it.
I like this one!
this is awesome
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The verdict is in!

♪Girl On Fire♪ back to ♪$tarPower♪

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Star power FTW! (dat duplicate)
Meloetta's Serenade +1
Starpower obviously is the best
the quirky empoleon!
Deity of Time +1
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I kinda wanna relive the past.

Mr.K > MrKijani

Well I have successfully relived the past, it was nice. Reminded me of all my nooby moments.

So I am now going to change my name (prematurely) to

Master Kijani

That is all, thank you.

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YAY :3
Ima still call you Mrk tho :DD
yay for Master Green!
:D nice!
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Changed from Dusk to: ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ

Other options: Holy Name*, Holy Mike.

Swaggron approves this
Holy Mike*
Holy Name.
That comment O.O It's a...a .... Ninja comment!!
You still are Ninja :D
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Dr.Flame -> The Flame Doctor

I might change back but I like this name for now.

Really? :(
Yeah pretty much xD
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Brotad will evolve into lombro one day, but for now, he's just gonna be themadradlilypad

Other possibile brokemon

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LOL, det Slowbro xD
What about Arcticunbro?
Thnx broke'slash
Dude, change to a "bro", please.
How about "BROkemaster"?
Yes! Brokemaster is perfect! (IN my opinion, anyway.)
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Ah..the time has come to once again change my persona..the art of a name change is not one to be taken lightly..while my hunger for a new life grows, this will suit for now.

For those unaware of my presence..

Last Chance Breaker! --------> Breaking Point

Long live the path of the Breaker...

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How about "Prof X" :)
I will do that sometime in the future, prolly not 'til i become some sort of battling legend or expert. (both of which I will do without meaning to sound arrogant) :D
Breaking Point and Crysis Mode are my fav two. Y U NO PROFIRIO D:
PX, do what Blob said ;_;
I don't care what you change to you will still be the Prof to me :)
lol thanks ;' and I'll be going back to Prof at some point..
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חנוך. → Enoch-117

I am now "Enoch-117", as although my previous Username was cool, it was a pain to Log Into. Its a combination of my Name and the Spartan Number of Halo's Masterchief

<3 *thinking of some really cheesy John related quote to say*
lol Blob
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The name is Flafpert and I will be trying out different names in the coming days until I find something that suits me. Names I'm considering is:
Flaming Shiftry
The Hero of Time
a Stunfisk.
More to come...
NOTE: This is not a poll, we don't want any democracy here :P

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Phew, I was like "not yet another poll, gdi" :3
Hero of Time
I know it's not a poll but I'd love to see a Flaming Shiftry xD
If anyone steals any of these names I'm going to go bananas on you.
Well the name More to come.... is pretty cool :D
id like to see a Stunfisk. that would be could also do herobrine..then haunt me in my minecraft game.....then i would have 2 herobrines.... :( DON'T DO IT!
The Hero of Time or, Flaming Shiftry. The sound pretty sweet!
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Long live the Infinityness


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:D i like this! :3
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So i guess Ronnoc won the username change vote, so

Jovial Jolteon >>> Ronnoc

Well, I dont like Ronnoc anymore. Too outdated and I'm just bored with it so, I'm changing it from...
Ronnoc >>> CWegz


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Yeah, good boy :D
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AlphaDraconis -> The Insomniac

The Insomaniac :D
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Okay guys I do not want a vote but I do want suggestions on a new name,I know I know,I just got it changed BUT I might stick with current name,here are some possibilities,comment if you have any new ideas!

Vulpix Mistress +1

Creative Cleffa +1

Chiming chingling

                                   alright I am sticking with Creative Cleffa!
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Creative cleffa sounds good
Thats my fav too! I will try it out
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I've changed my name from Darmanidude777 to Pixelmon. DD777 lost it's ring. After 2 years, it was time for something new...

minecraft+pokemon......I LUV THIS USERNAME.
+1 .3.
I hate Minecraft.
5 votes

Ok...I would like your opinion on this one.
I have a few ideas:

  • ★Cinccino★ (A small change, but I like it)
  • TailSlapper
  • RapidFire (I got the idea from my old username, Rapidash43856)
  • Skittish Skitty
  • ♪MelodicMeloetta♪

EDIT: Ok, since I was having so much trouble picking from these, I literally pulled names from a hat, and RapidFire won. The other names I might use next time a username change is available. Later.

Please voice your opinion in the comments or, if you want, give other ideas. Thank you.

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I like Skittish Skitty :)
LOLOLOL I'll create 20 dupes so i can vote for tail slapper 20 times. Tailslapper FTW!! +1
5 votes

Galactic Zoroark to IntergalacticZoroark
Stupid character limit.

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You change it yourself :) Go to my account and you can change your own username.
*creates dupes to up vote this a million times*
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Okay guys, after months of Triceratops Rex, I decided it was time for a change. And so, Me Gusta! was born. Another reason of why I changed moi username is because of Autocorrect.
I'm done with Autocorrect replacing the "R" with an "S" in Rex. :P

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i kinda liked rex better than me gusta. Oh well, me gusta isnt so bad.
Triceratops Sex isn't such a bad userna- Imeanwut
That is weird.but LOL anyway,like poke'slash
OLOLOLOLOL, Triceratops Sex.
Holy crap.
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PokechampBen ---> Champion Ben.

Better in ultimately every way... XD

4 votes

Guys, I'm keeping Poke'slash. NidoSlash is a great name(to me) but I don't feel comfortable with it. Crazy stuff, like Erick leaving and JCM getting banned make me realize that I need the old-but-loved Poke'slash feel.

Nido family, i still love you.

Who's Erick?
Enoch-117 = Erick
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i changed my name from Potatomaster --> Sparky Pineapple

What the already- no, you answered twice...
da hell you mean? And please, chill out >.<