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As some of you may know, any user who has not made a post on any section can freely change his or her name. I like this concept, but I think it needs changed, as I have witnessd on 2 or 3 occasions where users have abused this feature to impersonate other user and troll, as well as tryying to avoid punishment and other such things, as it is hard to warn or talk to someone about a misdemeanor if you don't know what their username is, as they may have changed it. However, if possible, maybe make something in the rules that a new user is able to change their name for 12 hours after joining, then this option is closed to them and they will have to use the Name Rater thread. Also, perhaos put a tidbit about this in the rules, so that users can make full use of these 12 hours (Or however long you set it for) to find the name they want.

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Yea I change my name
No one hide
Huh.. So that's why I was able to change my username 4-5 time when I first got on

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This may be fixed in a future version of Q2A, if I get my way :D

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