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The "#" in my username messes up my recent activity page and the other pages. I wanna change my username so my pages won't say "Page Not Found" anymore. Plus, I think that this might be a good idea to change the name change period to one month and a half. Thanks!

3 months has a good ring to it - every season

1 and a half just sounds dodgy. >.<

Anyway is there any particular reason? Apart from the fact 'the # is screwing up your name'
I wanna change my name to something very funny, that thankfully has no symbols. However it's a secret of what it's going to be. Here's a hint: Giggity
The three month thing is quite good - I guess you can ask Pokemaster for him to change your name since the name does have a technical issue. Pokemaster may decline though.
Three months is already generous, since many users here take this duration as an invitation to flip-flop and be fickle with usernames. Almost any other website with a community wouldn't even give users an option to change their names, so we shouldn't take these opportunities at a name change for granted. :P

To avoid these technical issues in the future, perhaps we should expand with more guidelines - not rules like with the @, +, and / symbols, just suggestions - on how certain characters in a username will affect the profile's URL? That might help as well.
I highly disagree with this. I think 3 months is just fine, because it's bad enough that every 3 months I suddenly don't recognize anyone on the site,  this would be too often that I'd probably just give up  and leave the site. XD
Ain't that what the Username change thread is for?

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Summer starts in June so it's only a couple weeks away :)

But the real issue is that usernames with a # in them break on the recent activity page, which shouldn't happen anyway. I will get to fixing that soon!

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