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Since people can change their UNs without any indication as to who they were before, it might be nice to have something like the deviantart system where users who have changed their UN have their old UN displayed for a week or 2. I.E., something like "fondant, previously marzipan" for the first fortnight after the name change.

True, I agree. And what does fortnight mean? I'm American.
Fortnight = 14 days :O
Fortnight is American right? R.I.P American language. YOLO BAIIII
Fortnight was a term before the American Colonies existed, and it is quite uncommon here. I know it since I read classics, but most people will just say "two weeks".
Ohhhh... I always wondered what a fortnight was. I was told it was 4 nights, not 14.
This has sort of been suggested before, except the 'previously marzipan' bit would be there forever.
I think if you say 'previously xxx' permanently, there would really be no point in changing your name at all...
And people can change names multiple times, so do we have a log of their name change?

And fortnight is still in common usage in the UK; that's why.

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This has been mentioned before. People should put their previous usernames in their profile. They are also listed on the username change thread.

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