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I'm pretty sure it goes round trip every 6 months.
But that question is three years old.
@ᴏᴄᴛᴀʟᴍᴀʀɪ, Okay.
@Octazooka, What if that one is inaccurate?
@Fizz, Yeah.
@Fizz, HT always says that even old questions count as dupes.
Seems HT has been influencing me :(

Even I would like to knwo this, and know that this has been approved I will upvte it
But the answer to that question is not the answer to this question.

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As stated on the previous name change thread:

I'll probably stick to doing these around twice a year; I don't see a need to change names more often than that.

So next one will probably be around March time.

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Okay. Thanks.
early or late?
@Octazooka going by my track record, late ;)
But feel free to remind me (via chat or email) in late February if there's no sign of it.
@PM I will post the question the questionin meta