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I was just playing Pokémon Black and experimenting with breeding. I was using my female Servine and my friend's male Samurott, and what I got was three level 1 Snivys who all knew Tackle and Swords Dance. I looked on Pokémon Database to see what other "egg moves" a Snivy could learn when I noticed that Swords Dance was not there, and I'd like to let someone know so that they can add this in. Thank you for any help you can give!

Just post here, lol. Pokemaster(the site's creator) will probably see this when he gets online, which is about once a week.

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Does your Samurott know Swords Dance? Because on the breeding page on this site it says that newly hatched pokemon can know the following moves from birth:
>1.Level 1 moves.
2.Moves that the child learns by level up, if both parents have them.
3.Any compatible TMs, HMs and move tutor moves known by the father.
4.Any egg moves known by the father.

So as you can see Snivy knowing Swords Dance does not necessarily make it an Egg Move. Since Snivy's can learn the TM for Swords Dance, if Samurott knew Swords Dance then the babies would know it as well.

Pokemon DB Breeding Page

By the way, just in the interest of having a complete answer, Poke'slash is right. Just post what you think is wrong on Meta (like you have for this question) and Pokemaster will see it sooner or later.

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Wow im pretty slow on my phone. I actually wrote my answer long before you XD
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Pretty much what Slash said. If a mistake has been made, then you must inform Pokemaster or a member of staff via:

  • You may sometimes find PM or other staff in our chat room.
  • Make a post here on meta as you have done. But try not to make loads and loads of them.
  • There are threads for contributions and corrections. Please check them out.

Talk to someone by these and inform them of your problems.

However, for your example, it isn't actually a mistake. Both of the parent pokemon here can learn Swords Dance naturally or with TM. So when 2 pokemon that can learn a move anyway breed, the resulting egg will have that move. It was useless Gen 4 backwards, as you could pass TMs without using the TM itself. However because of the mechanics on Gen 5 it's rather redundant. Either way they aren't actually egg moves. Rather Premature moves, if you will.