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Username changes are now closed until March 1st.

Name rater

The ability to change your username runs from Sunday, December 1st until Tuesday, December 3rd inclusive (i.e. up to Wednesday morning).

The time period is intentionally short to avoid too much confusion with changes. Users changing their name too much will be banned (probably for a week or so). The thread is started now to give you a heads up. In the meantime you can also use this thread to poll for a new username if you like - post an answer with the options and others can comment on their favourite name.

To update your username go to My Account, put the name in the box and save. Username restrictions:

  • Usernames may not contain Pokemaster in them, nor profanity.
  • You may not use these three characters: @ + /
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
  • The maximum number of characters is 20 in a username. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
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Open this it's the 7th March
March 10th now, wonder what's going on...
March 15
Still no life on tjis planet. We are trying to get rid of enemy sources but it's too hard. I wonder if we should give up.
16 years after someone cared
Well, I guess we'll just have to live with our cruddy current names.
20th March already...I'm legitimately concerned...

35 Answers

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ƒizz → ƒιzz

Yeah, looks even cooler now. :D

How the heck do you do that????
:D (filler)
Why don't you make it harder :D ?


I mean wut.
Maybe change to Fuzz? :D
I'd change it to ƒµźžy ƒµrby... :3
J is cooler than F
lol :P
6 votes

Going back to Ninja.

:D yay
:/ I'd kinda gotten used to Nindzya. Well your name, your game.
4 votes

Back to Dr.Flame
Don't like The Pyromancer at all :C

Yes, agreed
What about "Ze Pyromancair"?
4 votes

I guess I just want to be madder, radder and lilypader, but I've realized that instead of just reverting back to my old name, I could dedicate myself to the raddest, maddest and lilypadest guy around. I am no longer Lomro, nor shall I revert to themadradlilypad, I shall be the funky

Miror Bro

in honor of Miror B

I am set on this change but you may comment and suggest as you wish

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Brodad :D?
What happened to "Never look back"?
What about Slowbro --> Brobro? :3
/me makes d00ps to upvote o3o
Whoever downvoted this... e3O
3 votes

LightTyphlosion :D?

Seriously this time. UmbreonOne

By UmbreonOne I clearly mean EeveeLotion

Final Answer: EeveeLotion

There happy >:1

edited by
---> Adam and Eevee

^^^^ whut...?
It's what happens to me when I get creative. O_o
I hope it isn't a play on words of Adam and Eve...
Well, guess what jaja? :D
3 votes

EchoSong ---> DarkDoom
I miss my first name too much :'(
Though I'll probably change it at some point time...

Yay, DarkDoom!! I actually much prefer DarkDoom....
I'll probably still call you echo
3 votes

K well only get one chance every three months so I'm going to take it.

$tarfire -> Oncoming $torm

Reason for name: Meh I believe that's what the Doctor said (could be different idk :3) anyway yes it's because I happen to like Doctor Who lately :P

He said that to a rabbit he thought was an alien.
Actually he also said it to the bratty rich guy on the Titanic xP But the rabbit works also
You should go something like Levithian or StartheDemon :D
Firstly, *Leviathan. Secondly, Supernatural theme for Spring name changes ;)
Thats just what came up on my auto correct :P
you shud call yourself Blueface :D?
Supernatural is a creepy show. o_o
But, I do like rabbits. :3
3 votes

Arcarmon ==> ßļİƗz oʄ Jûstĭče.
Thank you.

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That's awesome
Thanks :DD
I liked Arcamon better
Really ? Guess I cannot satisfy everybody ;)
3 votes

Getting back to AlphaDraconis. Has been my nick for a long time. Also on forums it is AlphaDraconis as well

3 votes

I made a deal to change it this this time. So :3

KnightofDragón ---> Sempiternus

I suppose people will still be calling me KoD. Lel.

U sak. e-e
I like Sempiternus. Imma still be callin you Cod though.
I'mma still call you KoD or Semp.

KnightofMuffins ? :D Never ?
Learn from me - you will never lose your original name. xD
And call your self Ornorew. Knight of Dragon in Japanese! :D
two things: 1. I'm still calling you KoD, I've already added it to my dictionary 2. Muffins  :D?
i like calling you yuan more =]
3 votes

Well I see no harm in changing my name after so many months of being Valet :D?
Since I made a deal with someone I will be changing my name.
DB~Valet→ Aeternis

*Looks at Someone*
DB~Valet => Valet Parking. Lol :D
Like it :)
Aeternis fits you well.
Aww, I'll miss you luxuriously parking my imaginary car. x)
No I stole your imaginary car as well.
Sowwy, the days of me parking your car are over <:
b-b-but.... who will dress me D;?
My imaginary car was parked with the DB valet though.
So if you stole it, then the DB valet isn't a very good valet. -.-
No he just doesn't suspect me since i'm such a trustworthy person :3
2 votes

I'm changing back to Flafpert. Flaf is to short, and my old name FlaafySwampert is to long. Flafpert is just the rigth length.
However, if anyone else have any other good name, feel free to suggest and I might consider making some form of poll.
Ok, so the candidates are currently:
Flaapy (just no though)

edited by
Awww, I liked Flaf...
Flappy ;3
Amphpert. When will you evolve ? :D
Swampharos. Works perfect.
Swampreep. x)
I'm tempted to vote for Flaapy, even though I suggested Swampharos. . .
Swampharos. All the way
Swamfy is pretty jazzy don't ya think?
2 votes

MewC ->MᴇᴡCʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

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+1 just cuz of the awesome font.
MewC ir Mewcreation > whatever that is :P
2 votes

So, my current name is End_of_Silence (obviously). I'm planning on changing, but I wanna keep my initials : EoS.

Ok. Here are the final candidates.

      Eater_of_Souls 0
      Eternity_of_Shadows 1
      Echo_of_Stars 1
      Era_of_Songs 0
      Echo_of_Souls 1

Y'know what? It's gonna be Eternity_of_Shadows or Era_of_Songs. Heck with the rest.

Personally, I like Era_of_Songs best, so that's what it's gonna be.

edited by
Era__of__??? dunno lol, shadows?
Echelon of Slytherin?
Echo_of_Souls. Yes. :3
Erebus of Sauron? (Refering to Mount Doom)
Era_of_Pidash. XD
Clever, but Pidash doesn't start with an S.
I like EternityofShadows, but Maybe EchoofSongs
2 votes

Might Be Going back to Raph. Short and simple.
That or PimpSanta, boss :D

edited by
You should stay Colonel Duck. Or maybe Duck Soldier.
PimpSanta. Pls :D?
2 votes

ShinySuicune101 ---> LeDragonTamer

All le peoples hate me :(

Now there is some activity, I like to stay!!!

Everybody doesn't hate you.
2 votes

So, I feel that I've continued with this 'SpammerheadShark' joke too long...
What do you guys think if these ideas?
- SwissAndCheddar 3

TheDarkLordSauron 1

TheodenOfRohan 0

YouDon'tSay? 0

edited by
TheDarkLordSauron. Totally.
SwissandCheese please
SAC for sure. (SAC = SwissAndCheddar)
2 votes

Heeeeeeeelp D:

So, I did change my name to Jaja, but it wasn't different enough for my liking. It's a rly gud name, but I want something else.

Right now the name I'm considering is IceWire. I just think it sounds cool, it mean absolutely nothing though. :3

So, help me out with a name guys. I'm awful at making names. D:

edited by
No. I'm already changing my name to Jaja. :P
Oh well. Jaja! My cute li'l nickname for you is now coming to real. Hooray ;")
**your** nickname for him..... you wish
I came up with Jaja. I diiiid. :3
Jaja is a great name, isn't it? ;)
Do, like, a title of a song, or something.
Or just do like 'Jajarus' or something, I dunno. xD
2 votes

!♪~IndigoSapphire~♪! ---> ! •~Indigo~• !

Honestly, I think my new name is a lot cooler. :D

edited by
Bleh e3O
What does e30 mean?? x)
I have absolutely no idea. xD
Like your name is not already hard to pronounce ...
lol :D
...My name is hard to pronounce? It's 'indigo'... and then... it's... 'sapphire'... o_o
Oh well, I'll make it even harder for everyone!
I'll probably have that variation for a day, and see how it works. If it looks like a big pile of detained sunshine rainbows then I'll change it. :3
2 votes

Jaeioush --> Josh