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Username changes are now closed until March 1st.

Name rater

The ability to change your username runs from Sunday, December 1st until Tuesday, December 3rd inclusive (i.e. up to Wednesday morning).

The time period is intentionally short to avoid too much confusion with changes. Users changing their name too much will be banned (probably for a week or so). The thread is started now to give you a heads up. In the meantime you can also use this thread to poll for a new username if you like - post an answer with the options and others can comment on their favourite name.

To update your username go to My Account, put the name in the box and save. Username restrictions:

  • Usernames may not contain Pokemaster in them, nor profanity.
  • You may not use these three characters: @ + /
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
  • The maximum number of characters is 20 in a username. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
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Open this it's the 7th March
March 10th now, wonder what's going on...
March 15
Still no life on tjis planet. We are trying to get rid of enemy sources but it's too hard. I wonder if we should give up.
16 years after someone cared
Well, I guess we'll just have to live with our cruddy current names.
20th March already...I'm legitimately concerned...

36 Answers

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Jaeioush --> Josh

1 vote

Original username ShineyMew----------->Snow

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Oh nice :1

Poopcakes -----> i suck qq

You should name yourself "Puppy Hotcake" :)
I would like the name Puppy Hotcakes, it's kinda cute, but I may just be thinking of puppies now >.<
I prefer 'i love rainbows ;DD!'
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The time has come for the clam to embrace the new generation so...It's a poll based on my favourite pokemon!

GigaCannon (Clawitzer)-->0
GigaNuke (Volcanion)-->0
Ionization (Volcanion)-->3
GigaIon (Volcanion)-->1
AeroBug (Mega Pinsir)-->2
NightmareBug (Mega Pinsir)-->1
ColdCrystal (Mega Abomasnow)-->0
CoolCrystal (Mega Abomasnow)-->1

And the winner is...Ionization!

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Ionization or NightmareBug.
Cool Crystal -or- Ionization
AeroBug. 'Nuff said. xD
Ionization. 'Nuff said.
I like Aerobug
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I might be NidoSlash for a day again. :3 I love the name, and the Fusion, but Poke'slash is my comfortable name, and this will probably just be a one-day change.

Change your name and  I will finish the job I started a year ago... *multiple dark pokemon gather behind absol* *black mew begins to glow*
*backs up* "OK. I like Poke'slash, I'll keep it."
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That's pretty much it.
Thank You

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FenaFox- 4
Yes, I love Fennekinz and FenaFox is the name of my first Fennekin (and Kalos Pokémon).
Delphoxakin- 1
Fenne kin, Brai xen, Delphox-a kin!
Chesfox- 1
Chesfox is my Chesnaught & Delphox, which is part of my team.
WhatDoesFennekinSay- 3/ WhatDoesTheDelphoxSay- 3
Like What Does the fox say? song.
Runnster- 0
The Pokémon, that is based off of my cat.

Please VOTE! I like FenaFox the best.

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I named my Fennekin Firestar. :3
Also 'Delphox' actually sounds like 'the fox', especially when associated with 'WhatDoesDelphoxSay'. So I'd go with that. :D
I'm sure Firestar would love evolving into a dress XD
I added to the tally the votes
IMO, it sounds better as WhatDoesDelphoxSay rather than WhatDoesTheDelphoxSay, because, as pointed out by IndigoSapphire, the 'Del' part of Delphox already sounds like 'the'. But hey, it's your username.
Woohoo, go IndigoSapphire. xD
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I'm always gonna be the girl with the '02' at the back. Soo.....I got like TONS of ideas.

NightclawTheLiepard02 (I like this one) --> 3

Hydroblast02 (Not really....) --> 1

TheLoneLucario02 (Maybe?)

PsychoCutGallade02 (Hmm...)

ElectricRapidash02 (I am born in the year of the horse, according to the Chinese Zodiac..) --> 4

edited by
I like NightClaw! @[email protected]
you know me: Rapidash <3
Hydroblast! Hydroblast!
Unfortunately your NightClaw name is one letter over the limit. If you can make it just one letter shorter, than you can use it.  All the others seem sound.
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SuperTyphlosion --> Candle
If I don't like the way it looks, I may change it back... haha

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man YveltalvsXerneas is a way better name than Snorlax4390. thx pokemaster! :D

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fing6 --> Pwnage

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Gotta be DM something.

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TheFireTypeMaster please!

Read the post, you can change names yourself.
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Pikafail --> The Sorcerer

Yeah kind of copied The Pyromancer... but, hey! He changed his name :D

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~Holy Name -> ψPsychic.·* please. Thanks.

You can change it yourself, you know that, right?
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♥TheTwinTail♥ to Celestial★Hurricane.