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It's that time again!

If you would like to change your username, you can do so very soon. As usual this thread is open for a few days before the names can be changed. This gives everyone time to see they are coming. You may also wish to post an answer asking for others' opinions on possible names you're considering.

Username changes are now closed until further notice

Updating usernames is done by going to your user page and clicking "Edit my account" (direct shortcut link here). Username restrictions:

  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' or any profanity in them.
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.

You will keep the username you choose for at least another three months, so ensure that the name you choose is one that you like! Once you have changed, please post an answer with both your old name and new name, so other members know who has changed. Thanks!

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this might just be the worst name change season we've ever had.
This is off topic, but only one of you guys signed up for the tournament?
what do u mean "Are Closed" do you mean "Can't Change" or "Don't Change". B/C I really wanted to change mine from MJC1011 to my showdown username, Light_Elementalist, so I did
You'd only be able to do that due to a known discrepancy between permissions between the sections. If you tried to change your name again now, you wouldn't be able to do it. This is how it is for most people -- it means 'can't change'.

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Place the Eeveelutions in this order in your empty box:
Vaporeon(1,1) Jolteon(1,2) Flareon(1,3)
Espeon(2,1) Eevee(2,2) Umbreon(2,3)
Leafeon(3,1) Sylveon(3,2) Glaceon(3,3)

Highlight the box with the green "mover" 3x3 and press A.
Ready to Fusion Evolve these Pokémon together? [(Yes)] (No)

Congratulations, your Eevee has fusion evolved into Fuseon (Amalgeon)!
=Fuseon is a Fire/Water/Electric/Grass/Ice/Psychic/Dark/Fairy type Pokémon introduced in Generation #. It is known as the 'Fusion Pokémon'. Fuseon is one of the many Fusion Evolutions introduced in Pokémon [Game name Unknown]. Through the newly introduced concept of 'Fusion Evolution', Fuseon can have attributes from all of its components, Eevee and its evolutions, which, combined, make it excel at hunting prey, prefer completely different living environments from its components, and have a case of personality disorder.=

Name: Fuseon (Fusion: come together / -eon: long period of time (implying evolution))
Species: the Fusion Pokémon

Entry 1: When all eight evolved forms of Eevee are fused together as one, Fuseon can withstand any environment, making it a versatile hunter.

Entry 2: Through Fusion Evolution, Fuseon can utilize its expert hunting skills to prey on various Pokémon in many areas around the region.

Height: 3'0"
Weight: 57.0 lbs
BMI: 31.6

HP: 130 (Min: 370 Max: 464)
Att: 130 (Min: 238 Max: 394)
Def: 130 (Min: 238 Max: 394)
S.A.: 130 (Min: 238 Max: 394)
S.D.: 130 (Min: 238 Max: 394)
Spd.: 130 (Min: 238 Max: 394)
BST: 780 (highest ever; tied for 1st w/Mega Mewtwo X+Y and Mega Rayquaza)

Amalgamation (16.50; 20.75 when battling Pokémon w/Mold Breaker or Mummy abilities; 22.25 w/Ring Target)

0.50: Steel
0.00: Fire(1), Water(0.5), Electric(0.5), Grass(0.5), Ice(0.25), Psychic(0;0.5), Dragon(0;1), Dark(0.5), Fairy(1)
1.00: Normal, Fighting, Flying, Ghost
2.00: Ground, Bug
4.00: Poison, Rock
Fuseon (Amalgeon) learns this move upon Fusion Evolution: Elemental Beam 100-090-15 (S)

Elemental Beam deals damage, has a 20% chance of lowering any of the target's stats (including Evasion and Accuracy) by one stage - i.e. a 2.86% chance of each stat lowered, and a 20% chance of freezing, burning, or paralyzing the target - i.e. a 6.67% chance of each status condition. This move is exclusive to Fuseon.

Fire-type Pokémon, those with the ability Water Veil, or those behind a Substitute cannot be burned.
Electric-type Pokémon, those with the ability Limber, or those behind a Substitute cannot be paralyzed.
Ice-type Pokémon, those with the ability Magma Armor, or those behind a Substitute cannot be frozen.

GRO-0 NO EFFECT (8x SUPEREFFECTIVE if this type holds Ring Target)
DAR-0 NO EFFECT (1x if this type holds Ring Target)
The newly introduced "Amalgamation" ability allows the user to increase its stats by 1 stage (or restores HP by the amount of power received by damage-dealing Water-type attacks) if hit by an attack that matches one of the user's types. This ability is exclusive to Fuseon.

Amalgamation forces all single- and multi-target Fire-, Water-, Electric-, Grass-, Ice-, Psychic-, Dark-, and Fairy-type moves - used by any other Pokémon on the field - to target this Pokémon, and with 100% accuracy. This includes the status moves of Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, and Leech Seed. The ability is most useful in double/triple battles.

When hit by the move(s), it deals no damage to the ability-bearer but restores some of its HP (Water) or raises its Attack (Fire), Defense (Grass), Special Attack (Ice), Special Defense (Fairy), Speed (Electric), Evasion (Dark), or Accuracy (Psychic) by one stage.

(WAT=HP, FIR=Attack, GRA=Defense, ICE=Special Attack, FAI=Special Defense, ELE=Speed, DAR=Evasion, and PSY=Accuracy)

Amalgamation will activate for a/an Fire-, Water-, Electric-, Grass-, Ice-, Psychic-, and Dark-type Hidden Power as well as a/an Fire-, Water-, Electric-, Grass-, Ice-, Psychic-, Dark-, and Fairy-type Judgment or Multi-Attack.

The moves Entrainment, Gastro Acid, Role Play, Simple Beam, Skill Swap, Worry Seed or the ability Trace do not affect a Pokémon with Amalgamation.
(The only way to get rid of this ability is to let the user hold the Ring Target or let the user battle against a Pokémon with either the Mold Breaker or Mummy abilities.)

[Note that these moves (Switcheroo, Trick, and Bestow) grant the opponent your held-item, so you can grant Fuseon a Ring Target if possible.]

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Highest BST tied with Mewtwo and M-Rayquaza? Don't you think that's a little you know, overpowered?
It combines the highest stats from each Eeveelution...that's what I was going for when "Fusion Evolving" them.
Ohh, okay then. *Fuses every legendary and mythical when no one's looking.*
*looks* haha, caught!
:((((( Adds a Parasect to it. Yay! I can officially rule the world now!
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haircut --> caped baldy

why did I choose haircut anyway

Why not Saitama?
caped baldy is cooler in my opinion
also some people might get confused with the city Saitama
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JarJar~ ----->

lol pranked

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Personally I don't care for Star Wars, but... if you mean a spoiler for the new film then don't do that. I'm sure it would be annoying for others. If you mean the originals, like "I am your father" or whatever then who cares, the original movies are nearly 40 years old.
Uber_Goat has spoken, go forth and win a toaster, ~JJ.
Uhm... your new name is literally a space.
Aren't usernames not supposed to consist entirely of invisible characters?

i think PM will change it or something idk
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I was thinking of maybe changing to Eeevee or Eeeyore or something. Any different ideas?

Edit: I'll just go back to good ol' Eponyta.

So, Emewnyta -----> Eponyta

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You know, I absolutely LOVE eevees. They are so cute.  :3
But the question is, do you like Eeevee?
Since it has Eevee in it, I'd like it.
Eeeyore is a tad too depressing for you, Eppy.
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♥♥~Espeon~♥♥ > ButterScotchSylveon♥

Why? Because I love Butterscotch.

I actually thought I missed the name changes and went into a panic but then I just gave a refresh and I changed my name.

If you like butterscotch, then why did it have to be Sylveon?
Blame it on Pokemon Sweet Version.
Sweet Version was such a cool game.
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A Geeky Jawa -> Gekky

It's just simpler
(And I got this idea from ~Rex/Empty Boxes)

(also name change quick reference in my profile)

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Much love <3
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~Rex is now Empty Boxes.

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Are we just naming things we wish existed?

A sense of purpose in life.
Time to change my name to "a site exactly like Pokebase but with net neutrality".
We have a 19-20 character limit :)

Yea it'd be pretty cool to have all of the above :(
Did Dragoon really have to edit my comment? I liked it better when it said "without PX" instead of "with net neutrality".
Boo @Dragoon :(

Freedom of speech is a universal right.

That was hilarious xD
pokebase has net neutrality though
im late im old i dont understand
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I was thinking of changing my name to Shady Sceptile, but I don't want people to think I'm shady so I thought of just adding The to Pokemon Guy so it reads as The Pokémon Guy. Tell me what y'all think.

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Thanks bye

BOO! >:(
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GalaticSolgaleo > FadingGengar

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High DeadBro-> Adon Uchiha