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I’ve actually been playing on the random battle ladder a lot and I’m pretty close to reaching top 10 on it. I haven’t played monotype in like 2 gens but I might get back into it soon, idk yet. Wbu?
May 9 by PsychicX1
Mar 26 by neo magius
Yes I do hahah. I’ve recently been playing lots of pokemon showdown so it reminds me of this place. Hope you’re doing well yourself
Mar 12 by PsychicX1
although I haven’t played more than 15 min in the last 6 months
Mar 6 by cranpper
yes I believe we did, and I haven't unfriended anyone so we should be still
Mar 6 by cranpper
Feb 26 by BaronVonThomason III
How did I lose
Feb 26 by BaronVonThomason III
Yep, I accepted it a while ago. Feel free to message me when you like -- I don't tend to initiate much, but I'll certainly get back to you if want to chat.
And thank you for your well wishes. I've been a bit lucky with the pandemic -- I and almost everyone I know has made it to the booster shot without ever catching the virus. Online study isn't ideal but that's the way it is.
Feb 23 by Fizz
I'm doing alright -- been a bit tied up with uni and part time work recently, but I'm still around.
I'm on here and Discord basically daily, but I'll probably reply most promptly via Discord.
Feb 16 by Fizz
That's good. Cricket is a very fun game, though most people don't have the time to properly enjoy it. And I agree, ABD was awesome. And the hype around VK? It's kinda dead now, even in India

Side note, the IPL auctions are from 12 PM IST on the 12th of Feb
Feb 11 by Talos