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Username changes are now closed until later in the year.

Name Rater

For some reason I thought we'd already done name changes this year, but nope. Sorry for the delay, I'll try and do it more regularly from now on.

If you would like to change your username, you can do so very soon. As usual this thread is open for a few days before the names can be changed. This gives everyone time to see they are coming, and also some people like to ask for opinions on names so you can post an answer here for that.

~~Name changes are now open! They will stay open until Saturday August 5th.~~

Updating usernames is done by going to your user page and clicking "Edit my account" (direct shortcut link here). Username restrictions:

  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' or any profanity in them.
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.

You will keep the username you choose for at least another three months (probably more if I forget again), so ensure that the name you choose is one that you like! Please post an answer saying your old name and new name, other members know who has changed. Thanks!

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You can change your name by clicking "my account" in the RMT if you haven't posted anything in RMT.
@Pokemaster can you change my name to kimodragon >> Just add (d)
if you can't change it now  just remember me  >>> THX
Pm doesn't change names himself anymore. Just wait until the next name change season and you'll be able to change your own name.
The new name change period should come soon right?
At this point, yeah. It has been nearly two weeks since the third month passed. Will post a reminder if it doesn't happen soon.

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What?! Your JasonE is evolving!

[3..] [2..] [1..] [GO]

Congratulations, your JasonE has now evolved into JasonEeveeLution.

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Image looks cool
Thanks, Qwert.
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Time to finally pick a name that isn't intentionally dumb.

Squaaaaaaaaw --> Finchwidget

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I'm so sick of my username now. It was only supposed to be for 3 months. :'D

Elapras ---> Emewnyta.

It is decided. I'll leave the vote tally up, for future reference.

Eponyta: 1
Emew: 3
Emewnyta: 4

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Bro. Cassowary have mohawks made of bone.
Emus are so freaking amazing that Australia fought a war against them.
And lost.
Source in case any of you call me out:
Oh yeah, I forgot about the Emu war. Thanks Guy.
Take that, cassowaries.
Eppy was best :(
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I think I've had the username Astronautical for a collective nine months, or something. Time for a change.

I'm thinking either **The Law** or **THE LAW** from a chat convo with Flamey a few months ago where I established that I am THE LAW. Or there was that time we were goofing around with the name Toucannon, if anyone can remember any gems from that I might change my name to it.
It's a toss-up between Spookannon and Toucanadian, I can't decide D:

Toucanadian looks better than Spookannon so I'm keeping it.

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I really like astro though :(
Whatever u want qwertz
Spookannon is great
I remember back when you were called Spook. Personally, I like Toucanadian.
How hard would y'all judge me if I said I got tears irl when I read this new name?
Extremely hard.
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Finally! I've been waiting forever for this!

KyleDaLenny ---> CosmicAbsol

Beautiful new name.
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Yay I get to change my name :0 I had tons of ideas a few months ago...but now I can't remember any of them.

PokeFlamey -> Flommo

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I vote Flamey.
What about Fiamey
what about flommo‍
G A S P I forgot Flommo
yes I may do that
Flamey sounds cooler.
(Gasps in shock)
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Well, I've been with my OG name Kaname since last name change and I'm thinking I'll go with something fresh and unoriginal so Kaname ----> Dingir Xul or Lugal Ki En I'll let the people who can be bothered choosing pick for me on that one

Lugal Ki En: 1

Dingir Xul: 2

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I have no idea what either of them mean, but Dingir Xul sounds cooler.
Well, Dingir Xul translating to Evil God in Sumerian and Lugal Ki En meaning Lord of the Cosmic Realm or alternatively King of the Earthlings but this is going off dodgy knowledge in Sumerian
Yeah, I'll stick to my original vote.
These are all such complicated names. Why can't you go with something simple, like 'bob' or 'steve'?
(I vote Lugal Ki En because it seems to be the only one I can confidently pronounce)
I honestly prefer kaname or a simple name, but if I had to choose between the two the first one sounds better.
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Sapph's art > GameCube

Why? Because I like the GameCube. Any other questions? I doubt it.

Why does the GameCube have a handle on it?
Because even back then, Nintendo was trying to think of ways to make their home consoles portable.
If it has a handle, then it isn't a cube...
it's a cube with a handle on it. idk what's not to get. it's not a perfect cube anyway, not all of the sides are even.
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I'm considering changing my name to Dang (Or possibly Dang.) or Hellfire Taco. Give me your opinions.

EDIT: I am now Hellfire Taco. I liked Dang, but it didn't look right.

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Is the only difference between the two "Dangs" the period?
Yes, the only difference is the period.
You should be Dagnabbit the Rabbit.
Hellfire Taco is rad
but then I won't be able to joke about your butt pinecone :^(
Hellfire Taco.
Dang. please
Dang. Just do it.
I am cry. At your name.
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Palkia sounds too much like "Punching Bag" which is exactly what I am. And I had a problem with people calling me palkia because I forgot the capital P. So let's get original with :Drumroll: ... ... ... ... ♥♥~Espeon~♥♥

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Shiny Sandslash.
Distorted_Palkia (2)
I edit it after I see the comment.
You know what? Thinking about it, it's my opinion. The Espeon is MINE!
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I'm open to suggestions for what my new name could and should be

Power Mosmic

BTW what does mosmic even mean?
Cosmic Power
Dragoon, for old time's sake.
Mosmic Dragoon
I don't know. It's not like i'm the queen of creativity.
Change it to Mosmic Power. It sounds really cool and is completely original.
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I'm so excited! I've been waiting for this!

MissPerior ---> Da Primarina

I love it! ()
Did this HAVE to be a fairy Pokemon?
sumwun, why are you so against Fairy types? You have a MINECRAFT Gravatar ffs.
The truth is that I never really approved of the dragon type, either. I didn't like how they made a type just for one evolution family of Pokemon, not to represent an element or super power, but only to make that one family look stronger. To me, it defied the whole purpose of types. Types are supposed to balance each other out, and there shouldn't be a type that's stronger than the other ones. Even worse, in practice, Dragonite would be better off not being dragon type, so the dragon type failed to fulfill its purpose from the start. Starting Generation 3, it seemed as if every powerful Pokemon had to be dragon type, which made it worse still. In Generation 6, the game designers finally realized their error, but instead of removing the dragon type, they just made it a little bit weaker. And they continued to add dragon type legendary and pseudo-legendary Pokemon. 90s video games weren't really meant to be good, so the dragon type might be forgivable. The fact that they refuse to improve after realizing the error is not. The fairy type exists only because the game designers chose to rely on quick fixes instead of facing their past, and this is why I hate it.
Bug and Steel is inanimate.
What does that have to do with anything?
If you're going to hate on Fairy Dragon, hate on those as well.
But insects are alive, and I don't care if steel is inanimate. I don't see why I should hate those.
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PokeTrainer67 ---------> < a 90's reference >

I wouldn't normally nitpick like this, but since it's your username and it might leave the wrong impression: the apostrophe in "90's" is supposed to indicate possession, so in the username it's technically a grammar error. The correct use of the apostrophe in this context would be '90s since it concerns an abbreviation and lacks the possessive noun.
I feel sick doing that, but I'd hate for you to realise later and end up stuck with it. :P
Thanks! (filler)