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Name changes are now closed until November.

Hi all, sorry for the delay (again). It's name change time again!

Name Rater

They will stay open until Monday (or more likely, Tuesday morning).

If you change your username, it's recommended to post an answer here to let others know who you are!

Updating usernames is done by going to your user page and clicking "Edit my account" (direct shortcut link here). Username restrictions:

  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' or any profanity in them.
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
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Since you live in the USA, you should know that December isn't summer.
@sumwun he's referencing the top of the post, where it says the next name changes are in November.
@serperiorisawesome you missed the November one:
When's the next?
Out with the old, in with the new, everybody.
I've grown out of my Delphox crust and have fallen for Meowstic, so my name doesn't represent me anymore.
Now I choose the name I usually brandish. That is

**Frackzien Delphox ---> Neon Skylite**

Thanks for the ride, everybody. Frack has been nice, but I think the reason why I've always been addressed as Delphox is that I had such a convoluted name.

Call me Neon.

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Hmm… I've been pondering this for a while now. I do like plain ol' Astronautical, as I have come to be known on the DB, but part of me wants to start afresh. Part of me wants to start over. I think it's time. I think it's…

Grime Time

enter image description here

What do you guys think?

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I think it's a nice pun
i think the image reminds me of the smooze.

Sure, i like the name
It has happened!
You'll always be Astro to me
will this image become your gravatar?
*Daft Punk*

Grime Time of Your Life~~~~

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Double R DJ < Rayannelle

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First i decided 3D2Y, then Vile Victreebel.... SIGH

ok this time i wont change again, i'm actually going from

Sweet Seraphimon --> Diligent Digi-Egg

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Anything with Victreebel is awesome.
Combine Vile Vectreebell and Victory Vectreebell and use Violent Vectreebell
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That's my new name if ya didn't realize

Actyually no, gonna be boring and use Wavelength

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I like it o3o
me too o3o
I don't like any of your names o3o
I like that you think I care o3o
I don't like that you're an arrogant douche o3o
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I really can't decide. Should I fix my name or keep it the same?



Fix my name and change to MeGa_ScePtile2


Keep it the same, MeGa_SePtile2.

If you have any other ideas post a comment.
Vote or I will have Dave use the Bananaizer on you.
(It's a ray gun that turns everything in it's path into bananas.)

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Sorry mate, but you didn't fix anything in the first one XD It still said "Septile", not "Sceptile".
I guess that means I vote for keeping it the same
keep it the same
And who was the one calling me an idiot for having misspelled my name?
Ninja? Am I right?
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Dragoon's Dragoonite is reacting to Herp's Mega Ring!

(Mega Evolution intensifies)

You guys probably know what happens next

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Dragoon gets my vote. Sounds awesome.
Derpadoite imo
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You decide

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V-Man I say!
I vote V-Man! :D
FruitLoops makes me think you're good at making music.

/waits for the 3 people who might vaguely get that reference besides me
dont get it
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...What? Your Eponyta is evolving!

~evolution music~

Congratulations! Your Eponyta evolved into Erapidash!

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evolving to what? EVOLVING TO WHAT
Edit: No, actually, you'll have to wait and see.
Lol Evigoroth is Evolving!Dundundunudundundudun dundaaA congrats oh wait is Eslayking :(
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Changing to Sapphire (>•D•)>.

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;~; i say no
I was gonna ask you to help me trade my pokemon from AS to Y since I don't have PokeBank... then afterward I was gonna call you an SD card because you transferred my pokemon safely... NOW I CANT
Don't worry, we can still call her SD just to annoy her ;D
K ill call you by your real name then :o
That one sucks
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PokeFlamey ---> Rezhiram


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I read CuddlyLedian as
Imo keep it :0
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To commemorate my leaving...

I will be changing from Scraf, to...

Le Scraf.

My most well known name.

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you're leaving? ;~; noooo- wait, did i even know you? why do i care...?
Neither do I
but all experts are awesome
Why thank you :)
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I just realized this popped up.
My old name was Smoke Weed Everyday then PM changed it to Weedle Everyday.
New name: 2w22 nju67 mu72

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what? NO!
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Name changes :0
Poke-potato > Pokey-tato

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21qmcgagin to…


I couldn't think of anything. And I'm tired of my gibberish name.

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When I first joined this site, my name was qwertyzoom44 (b00tifully flawed name </3). Now it's been nearly 15 months since I omitted those numbers, so I kinda miss them now.

New name:

Qwerty_Zoom 44

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Oh my Dear Arceus I've waited too long for this. Thanks a bunch, PM! :D

All-righty, I know this probably ain't right, but I want y'all to lemme know which name's better:




Is all I ask of ye. I love Ant, but people know me better as Rex, so, yeah, major indecisiveness.

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Who are you?
(No seriously, I don't know your previous name XD.)
Pretty sure he was infinity...? Idk xD
ohhhhh XD
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Eeveefan123 ----> ~Absol~

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Looking to change my name to Spambot Jones.

Ok, I decided to use my mascot. Missingno.

Owen Xekrain --> Spambot Jones ---> Missingno. Master

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DA830 to not that crappy guy from WindClan. She is daughter to Bumblestripe and dovewing, has an orange pelt with leaf-green eyes. OF COURSE HER CLAN IS THUNDERCLAN!!! What else did you expect

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Up top!

P.S. Windclan always and forever.
To each his own , I suppose...
what do you mean up top?
It means "high five".
Oh...I didnt see the ref there. *high fives*