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Name changes are now closed.

Yeah it's not technically winter but it's cold and foggy in England today so why not.

Name Rater

It's name change time again! As usual this thread is open for a few days before the names can be changed. This gives everyone time to see they are coming, and also some people like to ask for opinions on names so you can post an answer here for that.

Sorry everyone, I've been ill the past couple days, plus my reminder didn't work so this completely slipped my mind. Name changes will stay open from now until Tuesday morning (probably around midday GMT).

Updating usernames is done by going to your user page and clicking "Edit my account" (direct shortcut link here). Username restrictions:

  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' or any profanity in them.
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
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Sorry for the delay everyone. Changes are now open!
Anyone else having trouble changing their name? It's not allowing me to change my name through My Account...
you can only do it on pokebase
Ah, I forgot about that xD

Whens the next name change?

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Grime Time is out of time. It's time for…

Doctor Disco


Doctor Dubstep imo

Though imaginary +1
It's a Doctor Who thing ;)
Yea I know, I saw it.
So no more astro? :'(
I haven't been Astro since I became Grime Time XD
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Really? Well, no one's complaining :D

Wavelength ---->AreWeFreshYet?

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Can you please just go back to Professor Xerilla and stop poisoning me?
I change name because I want a new name. What you want is irrelevant -.-;
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Well, since I'm coming back and all (after almost 6 months of inactivity, and more than that of very little activity) I figured I would change my name :P

So from now until I'm sick of this new name, I won't be Parzival15, just PZ15

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I have a couple of names I want to try out


Sir Dragoon

The Superior

Mega Sharbeedrill


Dark Deinite


It was a toss-up between Sir Dragoon and Hydraxorus, but in the end I want to be able to yell "Hail Hydra" when I see you.
That poll is so one sided xD
Turns out he trolled us all and chose a name not on the list.
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...What? Your Erapidash is devolving!

~devolution music~

Congratulations! Your Erapidash devolved into Eponyta!

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My vote goes to Porygon-E.
lol Okay.
Eponyta sounds good
It won't matter to me, but I'll bandwagon with Eponyta :3
Eponyta pls
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(Aegislash, my favourite Pokemon, +DA830)

or just AegisDAsh

Or AegiDash

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AegiDash plz
k thanks
AegiDash, Sounds awesome.
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Rezhiram is evolving!

//insert evolution music//

Congratulations, your Rezhiram has evolved into -Flamey-!...

Wait, that made no sense...

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What Ray said.
Flamey imo
Flamey or the same.
the second one on that list is cringy af
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What...? IceBlueJay is Evolving!(evolution music) Congratulations! Your IceBlueJay evolved into Pikazard! (Walks down Route 55) Jeremiah found a Pikazardite X and Y!

Vote which one...X or Y?
November 5th

So...X:5 Y:1 Same:1
Oh, no! A wild Tentacruel appeared! "Uh, here, Pikazard take this X stone."
Jeremiah used his Mega Bracelet!
Pikazard Mega evolved into Mega Pikazard X!
Pikazard used Thunderflame! Its Super effective!
Tentacruel used Brine!
Pikazard used his signature move, Lava Strike!
The wild Tentacruel fainted.
Pikazard stayed Mega because of gliches in the game.

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I vote for Pikazard X :v
X is superior in every wa- *shot for roleplaying on a forum like forum*
X (filler)
Y, because I don't like the other one.
x, but only because Pikazard Y looks weird... otherwise Y
I hate anything to do with Pikachu, except Riachu. keep it as IceBlueJay.
X because X
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Unlike some people

2w22 nju67 mu72 - Vektor K10 (this makes more sense in relation to my old name)
bc i can

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why do you always change to something so hateable?
o3o fine then
again, this stays true...
tbh neither. Honestly...
I choose my name
please do a strange stalker instead
"Your answer selected 2 hours ago by a strange stalker."
"Asked 20 minutes ago by a strange stalker."
"Commented 3 days ago by a strange stalker."
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I'm reluctant to change my name, but I kind of like Bellawesome. Which do you like better? Tell me in the comments.

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Nobody cares about me. D:
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So hey. I'm stuck...again.
1. Go back to Electridash02
2. Go back to DraconicUmbreon02
3. Stay as MeepTheMareep02
4. Change to SilverGlaceon02
5. Change to rEeveelution
6. Change to Skarsoul02
7. Change to SparkzTheLuxray02

Or you can suggest something else in the comments. (It's not a mistake that rEeveelution has no 02, and I can drop the 02 if you want.)

MeepTheMareep imo
Keep it the same
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Mr. Pasta to Crazy Dave

I love the character Crazy Dave from the plants vs zombies series.

![enter image description here][1]


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PvZ is aaawwwweeesssoooommeeee.
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Barbaracle to ~Shuckle~

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Shuckle :o
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I can't decide between :


Queen of potatoes


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Queen of Potatoes.
I like "Queen of potatoes"
I vote Poke-Potato
Mashed Taterz imo
Sun Fried Deliciousness
Poke-Potato (filler for dupe check)
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Josh --> Very Josh

Wow josh, idk what to say....

I'm also Josh but I'm not as Josh as you
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Diligent Digi-Egg -->
enter image description here
Polite Poyomon
I haz hatched!

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Eeveepdia is no longer Eeveepedia. Eeveepedia is now PrimalEevee because of Gengarchomp.

**Gallade's Blade**

Hey guys PuppyDog here or now Gallade's Blade I guess. It was fun being PuppyDog but my love for Gallade has grown and now I just can't stop raising them. So for the
last time I will sign off with my old username-

What? This is from last year though...
Um, I converted to the wrong part. My bad, we all make mistakes.