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So if there is a user with a lot of points, I'm gonna use trachy as an example. If he changes his name to lets say xxddd and then someone else takes his old name, it might cause confusion and someone might think the other user is the trachy. I think that people with over 2000 points if they change their name, the old one cant be taken by another user.

Another example is if dt changed his name and I took his old name, than people would think I'm dt.

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Has this actually happened?
I doubt it has - though I have seen similar usernames before - so I do see Alsol's logic. Not that anyone purposely clones anyone, though. Giuss this is a pretty resonalbe idea.
I really don't know if this has happened, but in 2 months when my name can be changed again, I could droit quickly.
A bunch of people have points over 2,000. I suggest 6,000 or over...?
No one can seize someone with over 2000 points anyways because they have been active...
I mean if they change their name and I take the old one.

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I'll go ahead and clear this up, since PM apparently doesn't feel like answering it atm :P

This is pointless.

When a user gives up their name, it's not longer their's. That's their problem.

Also, this hasn't even happened before. If this was a huge ordeal happening constantly, it might be a different situation. For now, this isn't really happening and it's really not someone's name anymore if they've given it up.

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well of course we homies wouldn't do anything like that :P

But if there is a new trachy, we could easily find out.

  1. admins probably can detect that the imposter has a different ip address

  2. Trachy would just ban him XD

if its some random person, we can just report to pokemaster. You can find out by his points, and by looking at when they joined.

You won't get banned for taking a username that isn't claimed. Also if it was on chat you can't check points.
You know pokemon is the only admin right? I think you meant mods
Its not being an imposter, it's causing confusion to newer users.
You can check points just click on their name this is really a pointless suggestion