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Gender: He
Country: U.S.A. | I left the site. Find me on Discord (Scraf#2052)
Favorite Pokémon: Scrafty, Scizor, Crobat, Greninja, Blaziken, Quagshire, Sneasel, Hawlucha, Phanpy, Galvantula, Accelgor, Volcarona
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About me: Hi,

I joined this site when I was 13 and left when I was around 15. I would like to personally thank PokemonDB for helping me out through this awkward phase in my life. This site's helped me become more confident.

I'm currently a college student studying to become a professor of physics. My hobbies include graphic design and League of Legends, where I am currently a low diamond Vi jungle main.

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Jul 24 by melcakes
o3o e3e -3-
Jun 23 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Jun 10 by Nuivo
4coshx^3 + cosA + log1 - (12x^2)/4  + 9C2 - cisA + isinA - cosh3x + 69C68 - 3coshx - 10x - (5x^3)/3 - 15P2 + cos2250 - 6^2 + ∫(12x^3 + 5x^2 + 10) + log (e^141) = 0
Jun 10 by Nuivo
RIP Le Scraf you will be missed
May 12 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Sep 23, 2017 by melcakes
Hi Scraf, remember me?
Jun 1, 2017 by Chillninja
Mar 14, 2017 by ᴏᴄᴛᴀʟᴍᴀʀɪ
I thought you were inactive. Welcome back, I guess.
Dec 24, 2015 by sumwun
Urgh!! Actually I don't mind Y just it's toes are way to big and it should of gotten a way better ability than flipping Insomnia. X I thoroughly dislike though, it has weird toes/feet and it looks like it has a raging boner sticking out of it's arse.
Jan 8, 2015 by Sir Dan