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Member for: 7 years (since Oct 28, 2013)
Type: Expert
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Gender: Male
Country: Israel (GMT+2)
Favorite Pokémon: Typhlosion, Metagross and Dartrix
Friend Codes: IGN: Terlor
Friend Safari: Ice - Sneasel, Snorunt and Piloswine

GO - 1583-1705-6572
About me: Gravatar made by ItsBirdyArt on DeviantArt.

Activity by Terlor

Score: 1,320 points (ranked #35)
Questions: 35 (18 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 39 (9 chosen as best)
Comments: 361
Voted on: 99 questions, 143 answers
Gave out: 229 up votes, 13 down votes
Received: 115 up votes, 4 down votes

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;-; youre breaking my heart
Feb 19 by TY ™
terlor i love you why do you ever message me i miss you
Feb 19 by TY ™
Feb 19 by TY ™
Hey there Terlor
Feb 9 by Sir_Mudkip
seconds ago
LoL xd
32 minutes ago
And I took that personally
an hour ago
'idles' (no offense jk)
(I'm trying my best not to look at those 5 DIGIT points)
Feb 6 by hoennseptile
Terlor ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Feb 6 by TY ™
Feb 5 by SpookyUwU
terley <3
Feb 4 by TY ™
Omg ily ♡♡♡ spam my discord when youre awake because its like 5 am where you are or something stupid like that ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Feb 4 by TY ™
Terlor ♡ i miss chu <\3
Feb 4 by TY ™