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Member for: 6 years (since Oct 19, 2013)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Tomboy (Heshe Girlishicus)
Country: Johto Region (I would have lived in Kanto but dark types haven't populated enough yet).
Favorite Pokémon: Pokemon: Umbreon Serperior and Emolga Legendaries: Reshiram Thundurus (Therian) and MEW
Friend Codes: WHO ASKS THIS????????? Might actually put my friend code here...
About me: What can I say? I'm a cobra and dragon hybrid able to STRIKE you at any moment. HA HA HA HA HA HA... Oh I can't be bothered to type more. Being evil isn't easy y'all should note.

LOVE DARK TYPES YA KNOW!!!!!! :O :P :D :3 =]

Please note: This account has been hand selected by 100% Organic sources containing only pure Asian Cobras and sustainable Norwegian Dragon Scales.

*WARNING: May contain Hostile Animals and deadly venom.


And to ya all CRUCIO!!! Lol read all the Harry Potter books man they are so AWESOME...

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Avada Kedevra!
Mar 15, 2018 by WhoGotzDaFud
Jan 1, 2015 by Almighty Aggron
Yeah, dunno what happened to it, it totally just disappeared lol :3
Nov 18, 2014 by COBRAGON
Yo I answered your question
Nov 17, 2014 by LeafeonLol>:D
Changed my profile pic!!! :D
Nov 17, 2014 by COBRAGON
Ahhh so sorry I have been on for like, a year. Dx I'm so sorry
Nov 17, 2014 by COBRAGON
Oh that grav tho
Nov 5, 2014 by a creepy stalker
Oct 18, 2014 by a creepy stalker
uh... hi?
Apr 27, 2014 by GymLeaderMisty
Hi, do you still play x/y, wanna battle sometime?
Apr 19, 2014 by Haribos_01