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Gender: Tea. Noun. A hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water.
Country: England! We drink tea here.
Favorite Pokémon: I have no favourites, just like my parents. Just like my parents, I'm lying
Friend Codes: Prepare for trouble
And make the set in doubles
To protect pokebase from bad ev spreads
To unite all recharge within our threads
To announce the evils of specs status moves
To extend our reach to the trash sets that I unapprove!
I criticise movesets at the speed of light!
Hide your post now or prepare to fight!
Polteageist, that's right!
About me: Hi everyone, it's a pleasure to be here on my wall today! Contrary to popular belief, I am a human with a face!

I'm just some depressed weirdo who complains about bad movesets and is thoroughly confused about what the f*** happened to the floor.

Might as well add a friends list.
- Mega Charizard y. Shes cool I guess. I am her personal team criticizer. Her togekiss needs to drop ancient power.
- ItsYaBoiFlaweon. Flaweon has NO MOVES!
- Glazio Kawaii gave me a bunch of PTCGO codes once. That doesn't make us friends; I just wanted to say.

Enemies: Everyone on this wretched site. I would never hesitate to kill you all.

Potential usernames:
KFCchicken (Inside joke)

1: Don't respect me
2: Don't take me seriously.
3: For the love of god, DO NOT post trash movesets or I will awaken from my ancient slumber with the single objective of obliterating you

Obligatory "favourite of each type"
Normal: Furret and Porygon Z
Water: Inteleon, Primarina and Mantine
Fire: Infernape and Emboar (shoutout to G-max Charizard)
Grass: I refuse to pit them against each other
Bug: Mega Beedrill, the Snom evolutionary line and Galvantula
Fighting: Falinks, Infernape and Emboar
Psychic: Gardevoir
Ghost: Spiritomb, Polteageist and Aegislash
Flying: Mantine, Gliscor and Staraptor (shoutout to G-max Charizard)
Ground: Gliscor and Flygon
Rock: Archeops and Aurorus
Ice: Aurorus and the Snom evolutionary line
Poison: Mega Beedrill and Roserade
Electric: Galvantula
Steel: Aegislash
Dragon: Altaria, Flapple, Appletun, Mega Sceptile and Flygon
Fairy: Primarina, Ribombee, Mega Altaria and Gardevoir

I'm indecisive, so I couldn't choose

In almost every situation, it's better to max HP than to split between each defensive stat. 252 HP EVs are indeed slightly less effective than 252 Def EVs at blocking physical attacks (or 252 SpD EVs for special attacks), but HP EVs affect *both* stats, which makes them almost universal on defensive Pokemon.

um so this is the end now you get a cookie

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Ohhh lol, yeah I mostly lurk on this site. Most of the people who posted on my wall don't use this website any more ^^'
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nice you gave out over 100 downvotes
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Do you also make suggestions on movesets?
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Do I get a cookie now? :)
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haha just like you
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god my old posts are so cringe worthy.
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