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Pokemon ruby,emerald,sapphire feature Hoenn Pokemon.Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver feature Johto Pokemon.But in the pokedex they put Johto Pokemon before hoenn Pokemon.So ruby,emerald,and sapphire witch feature hoenn Pokemon came out before heartgold and soulsilver witch feature johto Pokemon witch came out before hoenn Pokemon.What's up??

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Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver are remakes of the Gameboy games Gold, Silver, and crystal
which came on the year 2000, they came before the hoenn region which came on 2003 on North America

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You're forgetting Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Those came out before Ruby and Saphire and Emerald.

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They make remakes of the games. The originals were gold, silver, and crystal. Those were made before RSE, so they go first.

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Hoenn are Generations 3. Heartgold and SoulSilver are technically Generation 4 Games but they use Generation 2 Pokemon as thier main dex.

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