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i already have beatten lance for the 2nd time and I went to prof oak lab and he didn't gave me the kanto starters same thing at the silph co. with steven,
also when I went to the Pokemon league my rival didn't appear.
Why did all of this is happening?

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You mean *Hoenn* ;)

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You need to defeat Pkmn Trainer Red first. This link has everything you need to know about the Kanto and Hoenn starters in S.S.

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You give good links :)
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You have to beat Red not Lance for all of those to happen :)

Hope I Helped ya!

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well....i saw in a spanish site that prof. oak gives you the kanto starter when you beat RED and..... to make the rival appear you must have beaten him in mt. moon and after that have been challenged by the champion and the leader clair (dragon type), defeated them in a double battle with the rival as your partner .....and then the rival will appear the mondays and wednesdays (sorry if I wrote something wrong....im mexican and I dont know how good am I writting/speaking english)

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That makes sense.