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I Beleive You Are Talking About HG/SS. Heres How You Get Them:
Kanto Starter Steps:
Step 1: You HAVE To Defeat Red.
Step 2: Go Into Prof. Oaks Lab In Pallet Town
Step 3: Pick A Kanto Starter.

Hoenn Starter Steps:
Step 1: Beat Red
Step 2: Meet Steven Outside The Fanclub In Vermillion City
Step 3: Go into Silph Co. In Saffron City
Step 4: Go Up To Steven And Talk To Him
Step 5: Pick A Green Plate For Treecko, Red for Torchic, and Blue, for Mudkip

Hope This Helps:)

THANKKSS!!  soo you can choose?? between them both or you get both??
You can get one starter from each region
One additional note for the Hoenn starters: you must have gotten the pokedoll for the copycat girl, as answered in this question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/12082/where-the-copycat-girls-doll-located-heartgold-soulsilver
Wasn't it gem not Plate?
It was ''stone'', not gem or plate.