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Well since it lets you have Speed Boost Blaziken on Showdown I assume it's been released, but how and when were they distributed?


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You can't get a DW ability blaziken or any of its pre-evolutions. But keep hoping, because there are still chances that it will be released through an event. You can also get it through a trade but the trainer probably hacked it. This is not hundred percent, the trainer might have also gotten one from a Japanese game(it has only been released in Japan) and bred it. You can make an egg while the ♀torchic is holding an everstone. The female torchic should be the one with the hidden ability. When it holding an everstone it increases the chances of the baby torchic of having the hidden ability. Other then a trade or an event, torchic can't be obtained. The other 2 starters haven't been released yet

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