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Hi everyone,
I know that in-game teams are mostly "whatever", but I like to play in a very efficient manner instead of grinding till my starter one shots everything. Also I dont like to use OP/Legendaries.

Here's my team right now:
Typlosion: FlameThower, Solar Beam, Sunny day, Shadow Claw
Ampharos: ThunderBolt, T. Wave, Signal Beam, Focus Blast
Heracross: MegaHorn, Close Combat, Stone Edge, Reversal
Gyarados: Waterfall, Icefang, EarthQuake, Dragons Dance
Umbreon: Curse, Toxic, Confuse, Payback

I've been trying Crobat, Fearrow and Togetic, but none of them really convince me. I've been thinking about aerodactyl maaaybeee?

I took the time to train Togetic and once I evolved it she beats everything!
Mine knows Aura Sphere  Psychic  Flamethrower  and Fly (for transportation)

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you should try adding a ground type or something resisting rock. but then again its a ingame. out your choices I would choose aerodactyl . a good ground type could be golem. your choice.