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So I was playing through yellow and later realizing that in my planned team consisting of Exeggutor, Charizard, Lapras, Jolteon, Rhydon, and Dodrio, I realized that I could swap out Dodrio for something else. Only problem is I don't know what will replace it. I would prefer something that is physically oriented due to me having 3 planed special ones, 1 physical one, and a mixed one but I'll we what people have in mind.

and maybe hyper beam?
Did I specify a Normal Mon and not a Normal Move?
Oh right I forgot hyper beam was better. Definitely use hyper beam, though its 5 PP might be a problem.
But what about coverage for Snorlax? Do I just use Surf since I used up all of my coverage TMs?
Get a TM17 submission from Celadon Department Store. I think it's better than surf.

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These are some good candidates for your last slot of your team:

Snorlax - Is a static encounter and is caught fairly early in game. Covers the normal STAB you’re missing without Dodrio, hits hard, and tanks hits. The only noticeable downside to him is his abysmal speed stat, but he takes hits so well, it isn’t that bad

Persian - Very frail but insane offensive stats and speed. When paired with Slash, due to a problem in the algorithm of gen 1, he almost always crits.

Dragonite - Not the greatest movepool, but what it lacks in moves, it makes up for in his unique typing of Dragon and great stats. Unfortunately, you need to gamble all your money away to get him, but he’s also a great trophy Pokémon.

Tauros - Basically Persian but way better and once you teach him Hyper Beam you pretty much can laugh your way to Champion Blue because the elite 4 is so easy with this thing.

Persian learns slash extremely late and is stuck with take down as its best move until then. I think the last two are too hard to get to be worth using. Snorlax is probably the only good Pokemon of these four.
Dratini doesn't have to be obtained by spending. You can also catch it at the friend safari
This is pokemon Yellow?
yes. I have it, so I can tell you from experience
There is no friend safari in pokemon yelllow i thought?
In addition to what sumwun said, Persian also is not obtainable in Yellow.
I meant pokemon safari in Fuchsia City