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I need one more Pokemon for my team in crystal, I do not want to double up types.

My team,
Pokemon type(s)
Salad the Bayleef Grass
Chardcore the Charmeleon Fire/Flying
Cuddles the Furret Normal
Vee the Eevee (espeon) Psychic
Wirli the Poliwag Water/

ADark type would be nice (no Umbreon) but any type will be accepted, Natures aren't needed nor are movesets, If you want to give a nickname i'll probably use it.

Just because this has already been answered doesnt mean you shouldnt answer it aswell, I will keep taking suggestions until I get one that I really like.

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It would help if you said what point in the game you are at. Some Pokemon are far better in the earlier parts of the game, meaning you pick them up and level them up early on. Because you leveled them up early on, you should keep them. However, these Pokemon are not as advantageous later in the game, so they shouldn't be suggested then.

And Poliwag is just plain Water. And Charmeleon just plain Fire.
His future team will consist of those types.

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Magneton is your Pokemon! Magneton will give your team perfect synergy, meaning you'll have a resistance for each type.

You can find Magnemites on routes 6, 11, 38, and 39. They will evolve into Magnetons at level 30.

Click here for Magnemite and here for Magneton.


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Great idea C: i'll wait and see what else i get but this is my favourite so far... if only Magnezone was gen 2...
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Well if you want a powerful Pokemon that takes a lot love to raise, you may want to try Tyranitar (Rock/Dark). It is available as a Larvitar in Mt. Silver, or you may win won in the Celadon Game corner. This is post-champion however.

Nicknames: Leviathan, Fluffy, Terra, Demonrock, or whatever you like :)

Pre-champion, the Nidoran lines make fun additions, and by the time they become Nidokings or Queens they can learn alot of cool moves like Thunderbolt and Ice beam through tm. The Nidorans can be found at Route 35 and the National Park. Their evolutions can be found on Routes 13 14 and 15 in Kanto.

Nicknames: Toxin, Purple, or whatever you like :)

Just my personal input. Best wishes.

C: i wanted Larvitar but i cba cheating more ›.› and it takes sooo long to raise.... Nidoking sounds nice. I'll wait too see what other suggestions i get,
Fluffy FTW! :D
C: yay deathface! the Larvitar joined the team!!!
C: Deathface!
oh derp. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam were not available as TMs in gen 2, but you get the point. They get a lot of cool moves
ik but anyway, Deathface! is level 35 now, hes a poopitar : ]
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My wonderful, wonderful friend Ampharos.

Ampharos is an incredible Pokemon that has helped me countless times in HeartGold and SoulSilver, and I don't think it would be any different in Crystal ten years before.

It's only available in Gold and Silver unfortunately, if you have the games Flaaffy is available on Routes 42 and 43.

If you don't have the game, you can try Jolteon. I mean, your name is Eeveelution. I think you might want it. xD
Of course, if you don't want another Eeveelution on your team, I understand. :3
If you don't mind, you can get it from Bill. Or, you can breed your Espeon and Thunderstone and blah blah blah.

You can also use an Electabuzz, available at Route 10 in Kanto though. (I know, these aren't very helpful suggestions xD)

However, you WILL need a Flying type. Skarmory (Route 45, great for the league), Crobat (like, anywhere cave with Zubat xD, also good), Dragonite (Dragon's Cave, takes a while to train though) and, the classic Pidgeot are all very helpful. Seriously!

Okay, hope I helped. :)

:D i love Ampharos! if i hadnt used this every single time i played Heartgold, i would totally give that a kickass nick and aedd it to the team.
Charizard now knows Fly
And so he does...
?huh ??
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I would Suggest Ekans/Arbok. Ekans evolves at Level 22 and can be found at Route(s): 3, 4, 26, 27, 32, 33, 42, and 44.
I'm not that good at Nicknames but I think a good one would be Snakey
Another you can use is
Pichu/ Pikachu/ Raichu
Pichu can be found at Route(s): 34
Pikachu can be found at Route(s): 2
Pichu can evolve into Pikachu Through Happienss and Pikachu can evolve into Raichu with a Thunderstone.
A nickname I can think of is Energy

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i would but i've already used Ekans.
hmmmm i've been considering Pikachu...
My arboks name is scales
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heres what I recommand you to do

first I would told you to replace furret . why ? BECAUSE IT SUCKS !!!
if you want a easy to train normal type like furret but that is worth it heres the one I recommand


![enter image description here][1]
yeah I know its surprising but that guy is actually not so bad in the II gen

held item : spelll tag
move set
super fang : raticate signature move which can really come in handy and also the main reason it doesnt suck that much in this gen
strenght : usefull HM, stab, strong enough
shadow ball : good old II gen trick, normal type with shadow ball no ghost or psychic type can survive, probably not the best poke to use the trick but STILL A LOT BETTER THAN GOD DAMN FURRET, by the way dont teach it to espeon its a physical move ... would just be a waste
dig : very usefull to escape dungeon in urgence and still a strong enough move
now the one I recommand for completing your team !!!



![enter image description here][2]

now seriously this guy is one of my favorite EVER and it pretty easy to get just catch a phanpy on route 46 in the morning RIGHT AT THE START OF THE GAME !!!
now why does this guy is SOOOO COOL . well he got even better stats than rhydon or golem AND he got a lot less weakness. yeah its movepool is more shallow then rhydon and even golem but the few move those guy have but donphan doesnt get are SPECIALE ATTACKING MOVE ... otherly said MOVE THAT ARE USELESS FOR THEM ... so donphan have less move but he got USEFULL MOVE for him. so now here the moveset !!!

held item : hard stone
moveset 1
defense curl : your gonna know why at the right time ...
rollout : ... guess its time ! first use defense curl then use rollout . now rollout is TWICE AS POWERFULL . yeah ... pretty sweet right ?
hyper beam : just a good way to kill stuff . until they are dead . and maybe more.yes THAT much power

moveset 2
curse : slow as damn BUT high attack and defense ... why not
hyper beam : same as moveset 1 ... what ?
earthquake : same as moveset 1 ... seriously what ? got nothing else funny to say here so ... next
ancient power : up all your stat for free sometime ... good enough for me .but you got to breed ... suuuuck

so that my proposition for your team . hope you like it !
[1]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/crystal/normal/raticate.png
[2]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/crystal/normal/donphan.png

How Dare you insult my furret
I'll have u know y furret just Solo'd the entire Mahogany town gym Leader and all
well honestly any normal type pokemon that can learn either mud slap or astonish is able to blow mahogany town gym right the hell up all by itself in crystal. cause there is no ability meaning all the poke in this gym are kill easily by ground or ghost type attack because they dont levitate and are weak to both these type. they also have some of the worst def you can find on poke from the same level and/or evolution stage so ... yeah i pretty much expect at least a easy wipe out of mahogany gym from a average furret ...