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So... I may have duplicated a bunch of Level 100 Lugia and Celebi. When I tried to transfer them Poke Transporter wasn’t working. Also the first* box in the game was acting up and stuff was disappearing. I can’t put anything in it. Anyone else have this problem?

Virtual console version, obviously.

Also I think it happened on my friends Silver. I’m not sure tho. Hopefully there is a fix?

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You said Poke Transporter does not work in China where you live
If I turn off all other WiFi and connect it to my phone hotspot while using a VPN I can get it to work, it’s just very slow.
What’s the atheist box?
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If this glitch is done on the Virtual Console, and then the player uses Poké Transporter, the game will transfer Pokémon from the box the player swapped to, but the Pokémon will remain in the Virtual Console, essentially cloning them again. However, this will glitch Box 1 and make it unusable. Depositing Pokémon inside will disappear, and PokéTransporter will detect the box as empty. Moving a Pokémon into Box 1 will change its nickname to its OT (but without the first character), and delete the OT.