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I have been soft resetting for shiny lugia in Pokémon crystal for a while now. I used to press A+B+Start+Select but now I just press the bottom screen and press reset. Am I soft resetting right?


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Both of your methods are perfectly fine for Virtual Console hunting, and don't appear to have any affects to the hunt itself. Whatever is faster for you is likely the better option.


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How come I see youtubers get shiny lugias from the touchscreen, @Shadow999
@PrimalKyorgre @Mega-Blade X what you said is true however the touchscreen doesnt reset the seed every reset meaning you could get a shiny or you can never get a shiny if you are lucky/unlucky. But the ab start select is an actual soft reset and the seed resets every time meaning the chances of you getting a shiny is always 1/8192. Someone on Smogon found this out and they did a bunch of testing which proved this. TD;LR use ab start select
Oh, ok. Is it OK if I have been doing the touchscreen for a while and switch back to ab start select? Can I still get the shiny?
@PrimalKyogre Yes you can still get the shiny, just stay with ab start and select. I know someone who was in the same situation as you got the shiny after changing from touchscreen to ab start select
Ok, thanks