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According to what I read on Serebii, only Gold & Silver are going up. Is there any reason why? They also released Yellow on the eShop along with Red & Blue, making it even more confusing.

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Okay, I am pretty sure Pokemon Crystal will come to 3ds. Since Gold and Silver have come out for 3ds, there is no reason to not believe Crystal is coming for 3ds too. And the fact that Yellow came a little bit later than Red&Blue gives an even stronger reason to believe that Crystal is also gonna have a solo release sooner or later.

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While this is true, it doesn't actually answer why Crystal won't have a 3ds port at the same time as Gold and Silver. You have any thoughts on why that might be?
I think maybe it's just because its the central game in the trio GSC just as yellow was in RBY and maybe game freak just wants to release these central games later so as to get more attention for them as, if they are released at the same time, then the popularity of every game will be cut by one-third or even more in some cases but I don't know. We know game freak can do anything anytime they want so I really can't say anything for sure. ;))
Didn't know that Yellow came out later than Red & Blue on VC. Thanks guys.
Still no Crystal on the eShop...   ;-;
Nevermind, Crystal comes January 26th 2018 according to Serebii.