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Main reason is these things

Duplication: Dupeing pokes in Gen 2 was easier than now, I want to know, are there more rare/shiny Pokémon available in these games to dupe? What game has best pokes to dupe?

What legendaries are available in each game.

Like is breeding Shinies and the shiny ditto glitch and all that available in the games?

I have been told some shinies like the odd egg aren’t in Gold and Silver and the shiny Gyarados isn’t in Crystal. (Include game exclusive shiny glitches).

Beneficial glitches:
Are there any game exclusive beneficial glitches?

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I don't think that this can be answered objectively.
Not asking what is better. I just need a list of what if these are possible.
Like these are the glitches and these are the legends. It’s answerable.
shiny grados is in crystal, but no odd egg in gold or silver
Celebi in Crystal, but coin case glitch in Gold/Silver(for shinies).
Coin case glitch?
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Crystal you can get the three legendary dogs AND Lugia/Ho-Oh but in gold you can only get Ho-Oh and in Silver you can only get Lugia. But Pokemon you can't get in crystal are normally in gold or silver such as Mareep and Vulpix and Pokemon like Heracross appear in more locations in gold/silver than in crystal. So it's basically about what your standards are, would you prefer 1 legendary or more Pokemon locations?

Ho-Oh and Lugia are both obtainable in all 3 versions. Also this answer is incomplete without mentioning beneficial glitches.