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steel type, no idea who, primarina, talonflame, luxray/amparos, tsareena, and Iast member.

What format / game is this for?
Sun and moon.
Do you have an Ampharosite in your game? I was going to give pros and cons for Mega Ampharos then realized the Ampharosite is no longer obtainable in Sun and Moon.
Nope, no Ampharosite

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Great 120 Attack Stat and usable 70 Speed.
Decent Ability in Intimidate.
Decent STAB in Thunder Fang and Wild Charge.
Available fairly early being Route 8.
Rivalry isn't the best ability, so aim for Intimidate.
Shallow movepool of STAB, Crunch, and Facade.

115 SpA and good Bulk.
Usable ability in Static.
Good movepool in Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Dragon Pulse, Signal Beam, and Volt Switch.
Bad 55 Base Speed.
Have to trade it into Sun and Moon.

Conclusion: I would go with Ampharos only, and only if you have the ability to get it in Sun and Moon, via trade with USUM. Otherwise, you are stuck with Luxray. Here are movesets for both.

[email protected] Magnet
Intimidate Ability (Preferred, but Rivalry can do)
- Thunder Fang
- Wild Charge
- Crunch
- Facade

Ampharos @ Magnet or anything really
Static Ability
-Power Gem
-Dragon Pulse
-Signal Beam/Focus Blast

Again, unless you can trade for Ampharos easily, just use Luxray.

I have a mareep in the game already, so I'll use it, Thanks! but why only 3 moves on ampy?
No problem!
Shoot, let me edit.
Cool, thanks!