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So I started a Pokemon White playthrough. I am going to use a Keldeo, but it is Level 50 and I have just started. I dont want to just OHKO every mon in the early game. I will replace the water type with Keldeo when I reach the point where Lv 50 Pokemons are common. Here's the Team I have decided to use for now, ALSO please suggest a electric type and another team member too.

(???Electric Type )
(???Water Type which will be replaced by keldeo when Lv 50 Pokemons are common)
(???another Team member)

Kindly reply ASAP
Thanks, in advance
PS- Don't suggest Stoutland, Cofagrigus or Carracosta....

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Action replay is a sort of "cheat code"
This simply means that You obtained that Keldeo through an illegal manner!
Well, There was a special event of Pokemon Black and White for a shiny Keldeo and I wanted to get one so I used an event reactivation code so technically I AM USING THE STRATEGY OF GET KELDEO BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE so you could have suggested me team members instead of telling a fact which EVERYONE knows
This is a slap for those who plays and completes the game honestly!
@ASS8666 I have played through the game several times WITHOUT CHEATS I thought using a mythical would be pretty cool so I have played the games HONESTLY BTW REPLY NY QUESTION K?
Also, this can only be done in emulators; Briefly, you asked a question which is not allowed in this site!!!

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For your Water type, I'd go with Basculin. It can learn four HMs, plus it's actually pretty solid in battle, with high Speed and Attack stats.

For an Electric type, I'd recommend Galvantula. It doesn't have type overlap with any of your teammates, and it can successfully deal with Skyla, Caitlin, and Grimsley.

For your final team member, I strongly suggest Darmanitan. It's a wonderful physical attacker that can't be burned, and it hits like a truck. It can deal with a ton of opponents and random trainers, as its damage output has the potential to be massive.

Hope I helped!

I really appreciate the help and like the suggested Pokemon (except Basculin). Basculin is a Physical attacker which means it is not an ideal surfer thats why I rarely use Gyarados also it's only good stats are its speed and maybe its attack and they too are not like Sky High it is very frail too, I considered using Galvantula earlier but I just used it in Pokemon Gaia (ROM HACK) so I want to use something else and lastly for Darmanitan which is GREAT as a pokemon but I already have a hard hitting physical fire type being emboar  Thanks for your Help though but can you please suggest some more SPECIAL  attackers as thy are much more preferable as Water and Electric types due to Surf and Thunderbolt and they do not have to suffer much because of a burn, and also because most of my team already is a physical attacker Thank You but Please suggest some other Team members ASAP!
You really tell that Gyarados attack and speed are not high? Are you seriously joking? It has 4x weakness to electric doesn't mean it is frail.
Dude I meant that Gyarados has low special attack and high attack I never said it was frail
Oh, didn't understand what you told
No Problem
Dude if don't have any suggestions or questions just don't comment without any reason -_-
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If you're unsure of Basculin and Galvantula, the other options are Swanna and Zebstrika respectively.

Swanna can also learn Fly (if you don't want to use that on your Sigilyph), and is generally very good and useful and available right before the Ground type gym.

Blitzle is not only available super early in game, but also directly as Zebstrika right before the Flying type gym, so that's super useful.

As for your final team member, I'd Suggest Lilligant, because that would complete your Fire/Water/Grass core. Petilil can be caught fairly early, and with Quiver Dance/Petal Dance, you'll have a really strong Grass type Pokemon.

I'm pretty sure Galvantula is better than Zebstrika because Galvantula has better moves and compound eyes.
It is. (Filler)