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I'm planning to play BW sometime later on. I took a glance on Druddigon's page and I think it has fairly decent stats. I also saw that you can get it frankly easily and early on BW.

So, is it worth having as a team member on BW?


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You can get Druddigon in the Dragonspiral Tower, which is not early. It certainly works -- everything does in-game. But if you'd like a more effective Dragon type, I think you should go for Haxorus. You can get it earlier than Druddigon, it's far more powerful, and it has a better movepool. I'll give movesets for both, but Haxorus is the better choice.

Haxorus @ Muscle Band
Ability: Mold Breaker
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- Poison Jab
- Strength / Brick Break / any other physical move

Druddigon @ anything
Ability: Sheer Force / Rough Skin
- Dragon Claw
- Shadow Claw
- Strength
- (filler)

Hope I helped!

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In place of "any other physical move" Earthquake is a good move for coverage.
Earthquake cannot be obtained until the postgame.
I saw the Dragonspiral Tower page in this site and it says that you can obtain a Druddigon there with its levels ranging from around 30-33. That makes me assume that in the BW1 game Dragonspiral Tower is a mid-game location which is pretty early (imo). Correct me if I am wrong, tho.
Dragonspiral Tower can be accessed when you get to Icirrus City, which is 7th out of 8 Gyms in Unova. Depends on your definition of mid-game, I guess. I count mid-game as around 4th to 5th Gym.