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I was just curious since I have a freshly caught Swablu and I am wondering If I can make any good use of her.


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Absolutely not. Altaria is complete and utter garbage. If you want to use a dragon type, which is something worth considering since dragons are broken in this gen, then use Haxrus. Haxorus does everything Altaria does but on a whole new level. Hax learns dragon dance by level up and that shouldn't require an explanation on why that's so good in game. Hydreigon would also be better but it's a pain in the ass to level up especially since it evolves so late

For flying type, just use Crobat. It has a better defensive typing and also has some decent offenses in cross poison. Brave bird is an egg move so I don't think you would bother with that but fly is a decent option in game since the ai very rarely switches

In fact, never use this garbage mon if you're goal is to play a Pokemon game optimally, or at the very least, if you don't want to make the game unnecessarily difficult

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Haxorus has low base HP and Sp. Def and couldn't touch Ghetsis' Hydreigon because his Hydreigon has a super-effective STAB Dragon Pulse.
Why would you even let a Haxorus without a dd go up against a Hydreigon in the first place? Ghetsis has five other mons. Just pick the most harmless one and spam two or three dd and one shot his team. Do that for every significant npc and it makes any game far too easy
Low base HP and SpD doesn't matter in-game. It's all about hyper offense.
I was stupid, I put Haxorus instead of Hydreigon.
If you really mean Haxorus then you just killed your own statement as Hax can completely destroy Hydra if you play it correctly and Altaria really sucks unless it's in its mega form
I see. Thank you for telling! I do have a Fraxure in training so no need to worry about looking for Haxorus :)