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so atm I have the following:

i need something to round off the team but I'm not sure what I want,any ideas? ty x

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Don't you mean "sixth Pokemon", not "sixth team"?
You don't need 6 Pokemon. Playing with less Pokemon is actually easier because that way, each Pokemon gets more experience. If you still want 6 Pokemon, then I think you should get a Cinccino.
Lucario is a great mon, but it comes at lvl 5-7 at flosccesy ranch
How many gyms have you battled?
Whimsicot could help but Cinccino is pretty good also.

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I suggest that you use either leavanny or a haxourus. Haxourus can sweep 5/6 of iris's team in the Pokemon league and it also has access to false swipe which is good for catching other Pokemon. Leavanny can destroy all of clay using leaf blade or leaf storm (if you go for accuracy or attack power), caitlin with bug buzz or x scissor, and also marlin's whole team.

I think Leavanny has a lot of weaknesses and is outclassed by Lilligant and Roserade.