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Gender: Weaponised Television
Country: The United Kingdom
Favorite Pokémon: Flygon (duh) see below for fav by type
Friend Codes: I've never had a friend *sniff* *sniff*
but I do have a friend code of my own which I will add as soon as I can be bothered
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Shinys: Druddigon, Diggersby
Favorite type: Steel
Favorite fossil pokémon: Carracosta
Favorite eeveelution: Glaceon
Favorite legendary: Registeel

Favorite pokémon by type (no repeats)
normal- Ambipom
grass- Tangrowth
fire- Magmortar
water- Wailord
electric- Luxray
fighting- Heracross
dark- Honchcrow
psychic- Bronzong
bug- Yanmega
poison- Crobat
flying- Staraptor
ground- Seismitoad
rock- Bastiodon
steel- Steelix
ice- Cryogonal
dragon- Flygon (thats crazy)
fairy- Carbink
ghost- Dusknoir

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hii. welcome.
Jan 7 by sumwun
A little late, but welcome to the Database :)
Dec 25, 2018 by KRLW890