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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 on this thread! Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit.

  • Include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. You can include abilities, items, natures and the like, but they are not necessary.

  • Remember that players may be unable to access certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity. If you'd like to suggest a Pokemon like this, please mention alternative/s.

  • Consider the unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team or avoid legendaries. You're welcome to suggest otherwise but, again, it's kind to include other options.

  • Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles.

  • Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you simply want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

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Pignite Can destroy Emolga's with Heat Crash...
Wow... 30 answers...
how can flygon learn outrage
@lluvpokemon4022                                 by move tutor in B2-W2
Honestly you don’t need a fire type to beat the game. Focus on countering the types for elite 4 and champion.

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Arcanine @ Expert Belt

Trait: Flash Fire
Nature: Adamant

  • Flare Blitz
  • Extremespeed
  • Crunch
  • Wild Charge

A heavy hitter with great coverage and pretty awesome bulk too. Flare Blitz is your main STAB move, and does a lot of damage. Extremespeed is useful priority to have ingame, and gets great neutral coverage. Crunch hits the many ghost & psychic types, including two members of the Elite 4. Wild Charge nails Water types. Flash Fire lets him switch into many Fire type moves that threaten your teammates.

Galvantula @ Wide Lens

Trait: Compoundeyes
Nature: Timid

  • Thunder
  • Bug Buzz
  • Energy Ball
  • Sucker Punch / Discharge

One of my personal favorites from Unova, it's so cool :3 what's great about this guy is that Compoundeyes bumps Thunder's accuracy up to a solid 91%, which is amazing when combined with his nice spatk and speed. Bug Buzz is secondary STAB, with perfect accuracy and hits Grass types much harder. Energy Ball covers Ground types, but Giga Drain is available from the bw2 tutors, so that's an option too for recovery. The last move is pretty much filler - Sucker Punch is priority off his decent attack stat, which can finish off weakened opponents, while Discharge is a 100% accurate electric STAB move with a nice chance to paralyze, helping out the slower members of your team. Wide Lens means your Thunders will almost never miss.

Starmie @ Life Orb

Trait: Natural Cure
Nature: Timid / Modest

  • Surf
  • Psychic
  • Ice Beam
  • Recover

'Sexy Starmie!' This Pokemon has a huge movepool and great typing, probably the best water type available ingame. Surf is high power STAB and lets you go on water :D Psychic is another STAB move, but I'm not sure you can get it pre-E4 so Thunderbolt is great in that slot. Ice Beam is amazing coverage, it kills Grass types as well as stops you getting steamrolled by all the powerful Dragon types. Recover heals you of Life Orb recoil, and damage in general thanks to starmie's excellent natural bulk.

Lucario @ Shell Bell

Trait: Inner Focus, whatever it doesn't really matter
Nature: Adamant

  • Swords Dance
  • Close Combat
  • Ice Punch
  • Extremespeed

Your team's main physical sweeper, and counter to the many annoying Steel types. Swords Dance boosts his attack up to amazing levels. Close Combat is fantastic STAB with perfect accuracy and insignificant drawbacks. Ice Punch nets pretty good coverage along with fighting STAB. Extremespeed for priority, hits very hard at +2 and makes up for his average speed.

Flygon @ Muscle Band / Lum Berry

Trait: Levitate
Nature: Jolly

  • Outrage
  • Earthquake
  • Stone Edge
  • Fly

Another one of my favorite Pokemon <3 this one is great ingame, and synergises well with the team with his Ground typing & Levitate. Outrage is powerful STAB, but confuses you at the end which is why Lum Berry is an option. Earthquake is more STAB and hits a lot of types super effectively. Stone Edge is dat EdgeQuake coverage, nailing Flying and Bug types when you don't want to be locked into Outrage. Fly is nice coverage and obviously super helpful for traveling around.

Tangrowth @ Leftovers

Trait: Regenerator ( if you can get it )
Nature: Quiet / Brave

  • Sleep Powder
  • Giga Drain
  • Earthquake
  • Rock Slide / Synthesis

This Pokemon is a freaking TANK. Takes water moves for your team and is generally baws. Sleep Powder neutralises your opponent's Pokemon and with no sleep clause ingame you're free to spam it as much as you like ;) Giga Drain is STAB and heals you nicely. Earthquake because it's Earthquake - it hits Steel and Fire types who wall you. Rock Slide is nice to hit Flying and Bug types, but Synthesis is reliable recovery. Along with Regenerator, this poke will almost never die.

Note that if you want to keep your Starter, this team has a Fire / Water / Grass core, so you can easily replace one of them for the starter Pokemon of your choice. Try to keep them hitting from the same side of the attacking spectrum though, to keep the team balanced.

Thanks for reading! :)

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I would get outrage on arcanine beacuse i heard its really op
i would recommend not using a starter beacuse the gen 5 starters arent that great
Finally a kinda original team. I like the type coverage moves on your pokemon but to make this team more original/different I would change Flygon for Mandibuzz. Where can I find a staryu though?
r u joking me oshawott is amazing and adorable
I really like this one, although I would keep Tangrowth as either a physical or special attacker. Not a huge fan of mixed attackers; I guess it comes from "If you try to be more than one thing, you'll never be good at any of them." saying :)

Also, in the case of Sucker Punch / Discharge I'd rather use Thunderbolt. Just for those times when you don't need Thunderous damage (kek) but you need better accuracy.
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I'll write one up for Oshawott:

This guide is when this little guy is your partner.

Samurott @ Mystic Water

Trait: Torrent
Hasty Nature (+Spd, -Def) or Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef) or a neutral nature (Bashful, Quiet, Hardy, Serious....)

  • Cut
  • Waterfall
  • Dive
  • Surf

This starter is a complete HM slave. 4 HMs on Pokemon? Let's go.
Samurott's mixed attacking stats make this set not too bad for ingame. Surf, Waterfall, and Dive are all HMs, gain STAB, and get a Mystic Water boost. Cut cuts down trees. I hope you knew that. This allows you to get better moves on your other 5 Pokemon.

Where to get the stuff for this moveset:
Mystic Water: Route 4, Castelia City
Cut: Virbank City
Surf: Route 6
Waterfall: Victory Road
Dive: Undella Town
Obtained: As a starter Pokemon

Arcanine @ Leftovers

Trait: Intimidate / Flash Fire
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk) If you can.

  • Outrage
  • Flare Blitz
  • Thunder Fang / Wild Charge
  • ExtremeSpeed / Strength

Arcanine is chosen over the popular Darmanitan for several reasons. Darumaka's Hustle may hinder its performance, when them random misses occur, Darumaka can easily get KOed by a Water Gun or something like that. The second reason is that Growlithe is found quite early in the game; in the Virbank Complex. Third and most important: it gets Outrage. Outrage is dead useful ingame, destroying almost everything that doesn't have a resist, and has nearly perfect coverage with its Fire move. It also helps against Drayden, as well as defeating Kyurem-B/W and N's Zekrom / Reshiram. Flare Blitz is its STAB move, and hurts. But the recoil sucks, so Leftovers help in remedying the solution. Thunder Fang, which is found using the Heart Scale to the Move rememberer, covers Water Pokemon. Wild Charge is an option if you want more power. ExtremeSpeed picks off weakened foes, or you can use it for Strength. Now, to the abilities. Intimidate is the superior choice, as it will allow you to take more physical moves with ease. Flash Fire can be used to soak up Fire moves.

Where to get the stuff for this moveset:
Leftovers: Castelia Sewers
Flare Blitz: Level 45 as a Growlithe
Outrage: Level 43 as a Growlithe
Thunder Fang: Move rememberer at PWT for 1 Heart Scale
Wild Charge: Victory Road
ExtremeSpeed: Move rememberer at PWT for 1 Heart Scale
Strength: Castelia Sewers
Obtained: Virbank Complex

Crobat @ Muscle Band / Shell Bell

Trait: Inner Focus
Naughty Nature (+Atk, -SDef) If you can.

  • Fly
  • Cross Poison
  • Heat Wave / Dark Pulse
  • Roost

The team's Flyer. Enough said. You can get a Zubat at the Castelia Sewers, which is pretty early, and it will screw Burgh over as a reward for being caught :3
Fly has decent power and STAB, and helps you travel around Unova easily. Cross Poison is obtained by Heart Scale and is better than Posion Fang for its power. Heat Wave nails any annoying Steel types, while Dark Pulse can be used to hit Psychic types. Roost heals off any damage you took.

Shell Bell: Driftveil City
Muscle Band: Battle Subway / PWT
Fly: Route 5
Cross Poison: Move rememberer at PWT for 1 Heart Scale
Heat Wave: Move Tutor in Humilau City for 10 Yellow Shards.
Roost: Move Tutor in Humilau City for 6 Yellow Shards.
Obtained: Castelia Sewers

Zoroark @ Life Orb

Trait: Illusion
Hasty Nature (+Spd, -Def)

  • Foul Play
  • Night Daze
  • Flamethrower
  • U-turn

This guy is so boss ingame.
This is a mixed set, as Zoroark has great stats in both spectrums.
Now, let me introduce you to the best move to this set: FOUL PLAY. This works EXTREMELY well against Drayden and Iris, who both have Dragons with high attack and access to Dragon Dance. It kills all the things. Night Daze is STAB, and works off Zoroark's good Special Attack. Flamethrower roasts Steel Pokemon. And Bug Pokemon. U-turn keeps momentum. While momentum isn't that important, you can switch Zoroark with your Crobat to provide x4 immunities.

Life Orb: Battle Subway / PWT
Foul Play: LV 29
Night Daze: LV 64
Flamethrower: Route 23
U-turn: Move rememberer at PWT for 1 Heart Scale
Obtained: Driftveil City

Upon request:

Genesect @ Expert Belt

Trait: Download
Hasty Nature (+Spd, -Def) or Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef) or a neutral nature (Bashful, Quiet, Hardy, Serious....)

  • X-Scissor
  • Flamethrower
  • Ice Beam
  • Thunderbolt

The standard Genesect set, except with X-Scissor instead of U-turn. X-Scissor is your STAB, and the other 3 moves are coverage. Can't really explain much, but Expert Belt and the coverage this thing provides will rack up loads of damage.
It is advised to use Flash Fire on Arcanine to patch up this guy's Fire weakness.

Expert Belt: Driftveil City, Route 19
X-Scissor: LV 51
Flamethrower: Route 23
Ice Beam: Giant Chasm
Thunderbolt: Victory Road
Obtained: Event

Haxorus @ Muscle Band

Trait: Mold Breaker
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk) If possible.

  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Claw
  • Earthquake
  • Low Kick / Strength

Haxorus is the monster of the team. this guy is insanely powerful ingame. You can capture an Axew in Mistralton Cave.
Axew has axes, I mean, access to great moves. Dragon Claw and Dragon Dance are learned quite early on. Dragon Claw is your STAB. Earthquake nails Electric types and Levitators. Low Kick is your Fighting type coverage against Ice types, while Strength can be used over that if you didn't do so for Arcanine.

Muscle Band: PWT / Battle Subway
Dragon Dance: LV 32
Dragon Claw: LV 28
Earthquake: Route 15
Low Kick: Driftveil City for 8 Red Shards
Obtained: Mistralton Cave

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That is the worse moveset for samurott, there are better pookémon to be the HM especialist, and also samurott is much better at fighting, especialy because he have a wide movepool and very good stats.
how do you get a genesect??
I like the idea of using the starter as an HM slave. I do, however, like the idea of spreading out the HMs around the party to suit the physical/special split more. A great example of this is ORAS, where you can teach Latios/Latias Surf, a Gyarados can learn Waterfall and Dive, a Linoone can learn Cut, and an Electric-type can learn Flash. I've yet to find an equivalent in Unova, though.
I am going to try this out...
why do you call abilities traits?
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Emboar @ Choice Band
Adamant Nature (+Atk, SAtk)
-Rock Slide
-Heat Crash
-Brick Break
>Powerhouse attacker. Wild Charge and Earthquake are nice coverage. Flare Blitz and Superpower are powerful STABs but with the negative effects. But considering you are banned I dont think you will be staying in after one attack anyways.

Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Trait:Water Absorb
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
-Acid Armour
-Ice Beam
-Aqua Ring
>The surfer of your team. This guy is bulky and like I said I like the eeveelutions so there will be one on all my answers. Surf is here because he's a surfer and its STAB. Acid Armour raises your already decent defense. Ice Beam is coverage and Aqua Ring allows you to get even more health each turn. Plus with its ability it can switch in on those water moves incoming for any of your Pokemon weak to them.

Crobat @ Black Sludge
Trait:Inner Focus
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
-Posion Fang
>Instead of walking around Unova you can Fly. Fly is STAB and you need it for flying around. Posion Fang is STAB and has a 30% chance to Badly poison your opponent which makes them lose more health every turn. U-Turn is for instead of hard switching you can cause some damage then retreat. Return is pretty much just filler since I didn't know what else to put, but since Crobat evolves off of happiness its pretty good.

Zoroark @ Life Orb
Trait: Illusion
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
-Nasty Plot
-Dark Pulse
>A very powerful Special sweeper. Nasty Plot and Agility are for setting up for a sweep so you can outspeed and hit everything hard. Dark Pulse is STAB and Flamethrower is coverage.

Sandslash @ Put whatever you want
Trait:Sand Veil
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
-Stone Edge
-Swords Dance
>I like him, used him in my HG playthrough. Stone Edge and Earthquake give that amazing Stone-Quake Combo plus Earthquake is STAB. X-Scissor is coverage and you have Swords Dance to raise your Attack.

Genesect @ Expert Belt
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
-Ice Beam
-Bug Buzz
>I put him here just because you ask. I couldnt think of another Pokemon so here you go. Ice Beam and Thunderbolt give you nice bolt-beam coverage and flamethrower is even more coverage. Bug Buzz is STAB.

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I really think your starter sucks.
:O its not that bad.
Techo Blast only sucks if you don't have one of those plate thingys.
You couldn`t think of a better pokemon and you put genesect?you could`ve gone with haxorus or dragon sweeper since the champion is a dragon type user and you don`t have any dragon type coverage except for vaporeon`s ice beam which won`t do much.
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Snivy- This is for if you chose this guys as you starter Pokemon.

You might not like my items but you can change them to whatever you want it is just ingame :3 .

Well of course theres your starter. In this case its Snivy.

Serperior @ Miracle Seed
Nature: First set-Timid (+Spd, -Atk)/ Second set-Jolly (+Spd, -SAtk)
Evs:Ingame dosent matter since you wont be ev training ingame
First Set-Leech Seed,Giga Drain,Dragon Pulse,Growth
Second Set-Coil,Leaf Blade,Aqua Tail,Return
>Depending on which kind of Serperior you like better Physical or Special. With the first set pair it with Timid nature. Leech Seed provides constant damage and healing, Giga Drain is STAB and gives more healing, both are powered up by Miracle Seed. Dragon Pulse is Coverage(and it can learn Dragon Pulse through BW2 tutor dont worry I checked). Growth is the only move I could find of his that boost SAtk but I guess you could turn the set into a mix sweeper if you wanted just replace the nature. The Physical set is my favorite. Coil boost your Attack,Defense,and Accuracy. Leaf Blade is STAB,Aqua Tail and Return are coverage and all three get that boost from Coil, Aqua Tail getting the most out of it as its lowered accuracy is brought up.

all teams in game need a surfer and a flyer so why not have both in one Pokemon.

Swanna @ Leftovers
Trait: Big Pecks
Nature: Naive(+Spd, -SDef)
Evs:Dont matter
>Like I said a Surfer and a Flyer in one. Surf and Fly are not only powerful but have their ingame uses. Roost is to heal off Damage. I didnt know what to give it for its last move so just put anything you want there. Plus Swanna is just a boss all around.

With those two you have a little Ice weakness, but its easily fixed.

Mienshao @ Expert Belt
Trait: Regenerator
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -SAtk)
EVs:im just going to assume its okay for me not to post this anymore :3
Moves-Brick Break,U-Turn,Swords Dance,Rock Slide
>Well here is your counter to Ice types. Its pretty much a counter to everything though. Swords Dance is here for obvious reasons.U-Turn is coverage and lets you switch out to activate Regenerator. Now Brick Break and Rock Slide might not be as powerful as Hi Jump Kick and Stone Edge, but this is Ingame and hitting is more important than Power. Plus Brick Break breaks the screens and Rock Slide can flinch.

Okay I have kind of doing mono-unova ill stay away from unova Pokemon for now on.
Flying types could be a problem, along some other things how about a steel type and
a electric type.

Magnezone @ Iron Ball
Trait:Analytic(if you can get a hold to a DW one if not go with Sturdy)
Nature: Relaxed (+Def, -Spd)
Moves- Thunderbolt,Gyro Ball,Thunder Wave, Protect
>I love this guy. With its DW ability Analytic if it moves last its attacks get a boost.Thunderbolt is a great STAB and Gyro Ball which already gets a boost based on the speed difference from Magnezone and its opponent its also gets that Analytic boost.Thunder Wave would ruin this guy but its only here as a way to catch legendaries easier, making all your moves weaker due to the loss of Analytic. Protect can be used as scouting in Challenge Mode if you ever decide to play that.The item also makes you slower. (It increases the AI of the NPCs making them just that much harder to beat, it also raises the Pokemon levels so good luck.)

We all know I love eevee so I have to throw a eeveelution in on this team.
plus you could use a solid way to deal with Psychic types and have a special wall 
that the same time.

Umbreon @ Leftovers
Umbreon-one of my favorite eeveelutions he gets the biggest picture.Your arguement is invalid.
Nature: Sassy(+SDef, -Spd)
Moves-Payback,Wish(if you can get it if not thats fine just use Moonlight),Confuse Ray,Screech
>Again one of my favorite eeveelutions its actually my second after eevee. Payback with the minus speed makes for a great STAB.Wish/Moonlight is recovery. Confuse Ray lets you wear down your opponent if they hit themselves. Screech since Umbreon has that not so great base 65 Attack, and since you are a great wall its perfect.

After looking through the suggestion I gave I see no real weakness you cant handle
so now you can throw in any pokmen you want. I for one will throw in a fire  type
but you can change to whatever you want.

Camerupt @ I dont know Sitrus Berry?
Trait: Solid Rock
Nature:Modest (+SAtk, -Atk)
Moves-Earth Power,Flamethrower,Yawn,Rock Polish
>Earth Power and Flamethrower are great STAB moves. Yawn puts the opponent to sleep allowing you to set up your Rock Polishes and then mini-sweep.

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loving this one man, the only thing i would do is change the umbreon move set in my opinion, i love all the eeveelutions and umbreon being my favourite pokemon of all time!
i'd go:
item: leftovers/chesto berry (depends if you wanna use rest)
nature: (+spD-spA) not sure what it is
moves: curse, moonlight/rest, payback, toxic/return/last resort
- obviously curse spamming works amazingly well with umbreon because of his high D anyway, now use moonlight/rest to heal then payback for massive damage, the 4th move depends on your style, if you want huge damage after you set yourself up-last resort, consistantly good damage-return(will have high damage because you need happiness to evolve) and if you want to stall them to death while healing-toxic

overall great job ^^ that is just my moveset for him since you dont have a "tank" in that team :P
Really,magnezone without air baloon OR a berry that weakens ground type moves.wow.Serperior needs the naughty nature(+atk. ,-sp.def)Your serperior needs more power,he's your starter!You don't need miracle seed beacause you only have one physical move that's a grass type move.You need the power anclet.Do the PWT tournaments a lot and you'll get it.
Remember this is ingame those items are not really good
what`s your dragon coverage?
id replace umbreon with zoruark I like it better and its faster and cooler :)
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Okeydoke, I'm not gonna include sprites or anything, but I've always found this to almost be a standard for a simple to run BW2 team.


Emboar or Samurott

A simple place to throw Leftovers for a item for either one.

- Flame Charge / Heat Crash / Flare Blitz ( Game progression )
- Arm Thrust / Hammer Arm
- Rock Tomb / Rollout / Rock Slide / Stone Edge / Head Smash
- Tail whip / Defense Curl / Bulldoze / Earthquake

- Water Gun / Razor Shell / Water Pulse / Surf / Waterfall ( Physical special alternates )
- Fury Cutter / Megahorn /
- Ice Beam / Revenge
- Return / Dragon Tail / Grass Knot

Now, the other but alternative slot is depending on starter.

For Emboar - Golduck:
- Water Gun / Water Pulse / Surf / Hydro Pump
- Confusion / Psychic / Psyshock
- Ice Beam / Hidden Power
- Return / Substitute / Filler move

For Samurott - Arcanine:
- Flame Wheel / Fire Fang / Flare Blitz
- Bite / Reversal / Crunch
- Return / Strength
- Outrage / Wild Charge

Next up is..

- Force Palm / Aura Sphere / Focus Blast / Close Combat
- Return / Extreme Speed
- Bulldoze / Bone Rush / Dig / Earthquake
- Rock Tomb / Rock Slide / Stone Edge

- Faint Attack / Foul Play / Night Daze / Dark Pulse / Night Slash
- Incinerate / Flamethrower / Hidden Power
- Focus Blast / Return
- Grass Knot / U-Turn

- Flying type move of choice until you get Fly
- Normal type move of choice until you get Return
- Stat move of choice until you get Work Up
- Quick Attack / Roost / U-turn

The last slot really is kind of the legendary preserve slot, but a nice electric type always makes this slot pretty good. Otherwise, just stick your legendary of choice here.

- Spark / Wild Charge
- Flame Charge
- Stomp / Thrash / Return
- Pursuit / Rock Smash / Volt Switch

Have fun.

Thanks, Josh =D
u know eelectross has higher att and sp.att .i use now ellectross and he powns
I wouldn't put Water Gun on a Samurott if I were you.
This is pretty much my team XD
If we use Magnezone instead of Zebstrika ,it will be ok imo
Are the moves in order from early game to late game?
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Starter - Oshawott

Samurott @
Sassy Nature (+SDef, -Spd)
-Ice Beam
>The Starter and Surfer of your team. I made him a mixed sweeper as thats how I use my both ingame and competitively though the moves are different. Hes not the fastest in the world so taking away his speed doesnt matter much so you can be bulkier. Surf is STAB and ingame use. Megahorn and Ice Beam is coverage, while Retaliate is good for revenge killing any of your Pokemon that faint.

Arcanine @
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
-Flame Charge
-Thunder Fang
>Flame Charge is pretty good ingame considering its a decent STAB and raises your speed at the same time. Thunder Fang and Crunch are nice coverage and I want to try Outrage on Arcanine so thats why that is there.

Lucario @
Trait:Inner Focus
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
-Rock Slide
-Metal Claw
-Force Palm
-Shadow Claw
>A pure attacking lucario. Metal Claw is STAB and has a chance to raise attack which is nice, along with Force Palm being STAB and having that chance to paralyze. Shadow Claw and Rock Slide are coverage.

Crobat @ Black Sludge
Trait:Inner Focus
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
-Posion Fang
>Instead of walking around Unova you can Fly. Fly is STAB and you need it for flying around. Posion Fang is STAB and has a 30% chance to Badly poison your opponent which makes them lose more health every turn. U-Turn is for instead of hard switching you can cause some damage then retreat. Return is pretty much just filler since I didn't know what else to put, but since Crobat evolves off of happiness its pretty good.

Roserade @
Trait:Natural Cure
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
-Giga Drain
-Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Ball
-Stun Spore
>Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb are great STABs, with Giga Drain healing you and Sludge Bomb having the potential to poison. Shadow Ball is coverage, and Stun Spore is for a reliable status to catch Pokemon.

Glaceon @
Trait:Snow Cloak
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
-Frost Breath
-Shadow Ball
>The reason I have Frost Breath over Ice Beam is that it always crits, and if you get somebody in game that raises their special defense you can always bring in Glaceon and ignore the boost. Shadow Ball is coverage, Hail is to take advantage of its ability though you might not be using it, Charm lowers the opponent's attack.

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I troll with this unsportsmanlike party: Umbreon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Glaceon.
 Someone sends out a water type: Return Flareon! Go Jolteon. Decides to switch to ground type: Return jJolteon Go glaceon. I battled my friend with this party and he got so pissed off because I kept switching pokemon.
Glaceon is only  obtainable after the elite 4 so if I swich to mamoswine,he would be a one-hit KO with one flamethrower.I prefer a Weavile because it is fast and powerful but obtained late inthe game (same case goes for piloswine)after 7 badges
I love that Glaceon you got. I think it astoundingly deserves that spot. It makes great coverage for any type.
Wow a mixed set in competitive? Hell no
It's not advisable, but it works for Samurott. Aqua Jet is a huge incentive, as much as it is absent on that set.
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WARNING! This team is for W2

Team Overview

> For a very reliable starter, go with Emboar
Flare Blitz/Fire Punch
Flame Charge
Head Smash/Rock Slide/Earthquake
Arm Thrust/Hammer Arm/ Brick Break


This may seem like a very strange choice, but it's not. I've used Electabuzz effectively in SS, Platinum and now White 2. He may not be as good as Electivire, but he still packs a huge punch
Thunderbolt/Electro Ball
Volt Switch
Focus Blast
Signal Beam/Psychic


In my opinion, one of the best grass types that are obtainable in W2. Quiver Dance will help you greatly, and with access to Petal Dance and a Sun Stone, before the 4th gym, Liligant will be one of the best special attackers on your team.
Petal Dance
Giga Drain/Energy Ball
Quiver Dance
Grass Knot


A MUST on any in-game team.
Focus Blast
Night Daze/Dark Pulse


The flyer, plus a good physical attacker. This guy will help you take down Drayden with the help of our next team member, and also get you around Unova fast.
Rock Slide
Dragon Claw/Outrage


WARNING. This Lapras may take you a while to catch, but it's worth the wait. It can be a physical and special attacker plus your surfer.
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
However, if you can't catch him, I suggest Vaporeon as a substitute
Acid Armour
Aqua Ring
Ice Beam

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Of course Flame Charge would be weak at the 6th gym. It's a ground gym.
Heat Crash :/
-_- Heat Crash is useless after Gym 7. The Pokemon get heavier, and why pass up an opportunity to upgrade to fixed damage?
im just saying,dont put flame charge on emboar,with 50 base power.....
One problem:Lilligant
4 votes

Yes! I'm finally ready for this!
This is a team for White 2 only.

Starter: Samurott (M)

Naughty Nature

The naughty nature ups attack witch he needs beacause he's the first Pokemon in my party.It decreases sp. Defence beacause that stat is strong in every samurott. Dig can beat annoying suprise electric types or those steels. Megahorn always works,beats grass,and has a ton of power that makes almost every one a KO.Superpower or fighting types has the most type coverage and this paticular one has 100 accuracy and 140 power. Surf is it's only water move and is good for outside of battle,not to mention the beautiful STAB.


@Lum Berry
Iron Defense
Head Smash
Iorn Tail

You need at least 1 rock type on any Pokemon team and this is it.Iron Defense is to already boost the unbeleivable defense it has. I was going to do thunder to replace the fact that there is no electric type on this team, but it's special. So I went with the obvious choice, thunderpunch. Outrage I don't have to explain.It's that great.Head Smash covers fireice,bug,and flying types. Exept for skyamory, plus there's STAB,and no recoil beacause it's part of the Aggon evolution chain. Iorn Tail has a good amount of power for a 10 PP move.It's also my finisher move if I find a Pokemon Aggron's not good at beating like a poison type.


@Lum Berry
Rash Nature
Ability:Leaf Guard
Giga Drain
Sunny Day

It's nature is rash beacause it focuses on special attack.It lowers speed but a lot of strong sp.defence Pokemon in this.Sunny Day for his ability leaf guard witch means he can't be inficted with paralys,sleep,or a burn.Giga Drain is for recovery and water or rock types. Rest is for recovery.It has a lum berry so when it uses Rest it'll immediately wake up. Earthquake is my powerhouse finishing move.


@Fire Gem
Ability:Magma Armor
Sunny Day
Solar Beam
Rock Polish

Don't see much Camerupts in Pokemon teams,so here you go! Fire gem for it's Eruption, same for the modest nature.Solar Beam destroys every type disadvantage of fire types. Rock polish is for improving some of the weaknesses of camerupt's basic stat. The other one, Eruption,is just type coverage.Also,with STAB this move can really help with eruption. Eruption has unbeleavible power with 150 power+75 power(STAB)+75 power(Fire Gem)+75 (Sunny Day)=375 power. I don't have any other Pokemon with fire type moves.I also picked it beacause of it's power.Sunny day for solar beam and improving eruption's power. You should give it a PP max for Camerupt's Eruption.


@Exp. Share/Power Anclet(Exp. share before PWT,Power Anclet after PWT).
Shadow Ball
Signal Beam

Ultimate Espeon!Exp. Share beacause it won't get out much/A power anclet for the weakened espeon stat of attack. Sychronize due to it's usefulness.This covers all of the E4 too. Shadow Ball for ghost,and psychic types. Reflect for defence help.....Psychic for fighting. Signal Beam is very importaint for the coverage of it's main weakness,dark. It's also for secondary psychic type coverage.


@Lum Berry
Dragon Claw
Earth Power

FLYGONS!Love them. You need at least 1 Dragon type on your 6 Pokemon team and this is it. Dragon Claw is strong and I need it beacause of dragon coverage,not to mention STAB. Fly beacause of it's efficancy on getting you somewhere.The Earth Power is STAB, and this is the only ground move on the team, because I couldn't fit one on Aggron. Sandsotrom will usually hurt the enemy because it only doesn't effect ground,steel, and rock types, so it'll help. Think of it as a hazard, sorta.

Where everything is found:

Leftovers:Castelina Sewers.Dragon and Fire Gem:All Caves.Lum Berry:Village Bridge(Daily).
Exp.Share:Castelina City.Power Anclet:PWT Pokemon:Oshuott:Starter.Aron:Mistrlalation Cave.Tangela:Route 13.Numel:Reversal Mountain.Evee:Castelina City.Trapinch:Desert Resort
TMs and move tutors:
TM 28:Route 4.TM25:Iccirus City Pokemart.TM71:Twist Mountain.TM44:Castelina City.TM11:Mistralatin City Pokemart.TM26:Route 15.TM22:Pinwheel Forest.TM50:N's Castle.
TM69:Reversal Mountain.TM30:Reversal Mountain.TM29:Route 13.TM33:Nimbasa City Pokemart.TM90:Twis Mountain(winter)HM2:Route 5.HM3:Route 6.Move Tutor moves:Superpower:10 B shards.Outrage:10 G shards.Iorn Tail:6 B shards.Giga Drain:10 Y shards.Signal Beam:6 R Shards.Other:Megahorn:Samurott lv.1.Eruption:Camerupt lv.52.

Well,that's it. These Pokemon cover every 17 types.Hope everyone likes it!

edited by
Changed Hydreigon to Flygon,though I wish flygon could learn reflect.Kept Thunder on Aggron beacause there's no electric types on this team.Though I tried to get one.
I'm the only here that dislikes Flygon? Flygon cries when my Hydreigon comes to battle
You wanna go? xD
No matter how many playthroughs I do, Aggron is in each one!
2 ground types?
4 votes

Note, this team is very powerful and is not for people who want challenge in their games, so please plan accordingly!

Starter: (Ohawott) --> -->

By the way, you can have any suitable items on this team, there
are very good items that could be put, yet there are too many of them
to list so I have not put the items.


Trait: Torrent
Nature: Quirky/Hardy/Docile/Serious/Bashful
- Surf/Waterfall
- Ice Beam
- Slash
- X-Scissor

Samurott is good as it can provide you with Surf/Waterfall HM's provides a good mixed set and has OK defences and speed.


Trait: Sand (Force/Rush) No difference unless you have a ingame sand team.
Nature: Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
- Hone Claws
- Fissure
- Guillotine
- Iron Head

This is my awesome OHKO set. With a few Hone Claw boosts, you will power up the strength of Iron Head and also increase accuracy for the OHKO moves. I suggest you have both in case you face either a Ghost type or flying type etc.


Trait: Justified
Nature: Adamant (+Atk -SpA)
- Leaf Blade
- Sacred Sword
- Strength
- Swords Dance

This is a standard S - Dance set which also provides a HM (Strength) which can pack a punch with S - Dance.


Trait: Flame Body
Nature: Modest (+SpA -Atk)
- Flamethrower
- Quiver Dance
- Bug Buzz
- Psychic

This is a Quiver Dance set. I don't like Fiery Dance because Volcarona learns it at level 100 so yeah.


Trait: Inner Focus
Nature: Adamant (+Atk -SpA)
- Cross Poison
- Fly
- X-Scissor
- Roost

This is my nice Crobat which provides as a flyer for the team and also knows roost as it is helpful.


Trait: Motor Drive
Nature: Jolly (-SpA +Spe)
- Thunder Punch
- Earthquake
- Brick Break
- Ice Punch

Normal Electivire set...Nuff Said.

Right, so I hope you guys liked my team! Feel free to add any suggestions by commenting below!
BTW I have defeated 4 of the Champions Pokemon using Excadrill only! (:D)

edited by
electrivire? replace it.
in pokemon sapphire i defeated the champion only using kyogre
electivire is pretty cool and gets the perfect coverage set
Excadrill learns Horn Drill, not guillotine
and why both guillotine (horn drill*) e fissure? Both does the same thing, why strenght in virizion? You could add alot of different type moves, such as wild charge for example with more power and can be very effective against flying who is double effect agains virizion.
3 votes

Surf- STAB and a great special attack
Ice Beam- coverage especially against grass with good power
Aqua Tail/Waterfall- Both are good physical STAB water type moves Aqua tail is more powerful with less accuracy and waterfall is less powerful with more accuracy and the added bonus of being a HM so that you can climb waterfalls
Swords Dance- If you want to boost the Aqua tail/Waterfall

Aura Sphere- Never misses and has great power, STAB, and how can anyone forget Lucario's signature move
Close Combat- If you want a powerful physical attack + STAB
Earthquake/Stone edge- For coverage, I personally like Earthquake cause it covers more types, more accuracy, more pp, but if you want to have stone edge that is pretty good too
Dark Pulse- Die psychics
Extremespeed- For a grand finish

Thunderbolt- great combination of power and accuracy, STAB
Thunder- If you think you need some big firepower
Signal Beam- just for coverage
Light Screen- If the opponents smart then he/she'll use a physical attack which would make use of static, if not, then you have higher special defense

Flamethrower- STAB, good power and accuracy
Extremespeed- So you can finish of the Pokemon
Thunder fang- water types are now taken care of
Flare Blitz- A powerful physical fire type move if you want

Outrage/Dragon claw- Both are powerful and STAB. Dragon claw is not as powerful as outrage but you won't have to worry about confusion and switching out mid-battle
Dragon Dance-raising his powerful attack and great speed will devastate your opponenents
Earthquake- Great power, uses mold breaker, lots of type coverage, just an awesome move
Brick Break- lots of type coverage especially on ice

Cross Poison- good power, STAB, and can poison the target
Acrobatics/Air Slash- both are STAB. Air slash can make your opponent flinch, but acrobatics has great power but sacrifices a hold item
Fly- your gonna need it to fly but it's an okay battle move
U-turn- hit hard and retreat

Bug buzz/Techno Blast- Techno blast holding the douse drive covers its only weakness, bug buzz is powerful and STAB
Flamethrower-best fire type move
Thunderbolt-best electrical attack
Ice Beam- dominant ice typer

Genesect is a great Pokemon for your team even if it's legendary. It has a great move pool. It can replace anyone on your team. Hope this helped.

You'd have 5 pokemon before the 3rd gym... wow.
And thats why i feel it is a good team
No, that actually makes it very bad. You would have to seriously train all of your Pokemon, because the more Pokemon you have, the more underleveled you get.
And before the 3rd gym is even worse. You should have 5 Pokemon after gym 6 or 7, not before the Desert Resort.
Very true, I fell behind back in Platinum because I fell for this. I didn't have my full team until I beat Clay. Samurott, Lucario, Crobat, Flygon, Zoroark and Volcarona was what I used.
That's still a little early, but that's quite a good team :) I finally caught a Weavile to finish off my first team after Marlon.
Oh yeah its usually i train a lot sorry
3 votes

Well here is a good ingame team for Black 2 or White 2.(Items are of no real concern ingame)(HM slaves not included with package)

Your Starter: (Snivy)

Trait: Overgrow
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs are of no concern here

Leaf Blade
Leech Seed

He is great for beating Clay and Marlon. Plus, his bulkiness allows him to last longer in early ingame battles.

First Teambuilder: (Riolu)

Trait: Inner Focus
Nature: Modest/Timid
EVs are of no concern

Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse
Calm Mind

This is all you need to beat the first 2 gyms. The next Pokemon will be from Castelia.

Next Added: (Eevee)

Trait: Synchronize
Nature: Modest
EVs are of no concern

Morning Sun
Shadow Ball (TM 30)
Signal Beam (Move Tutor)

There is no access to Flareon yet but even though Espeon and Serperior are weak to Bug, Riolu/Lucario will be able to tackle this gym easily.

**And now lets heat this up!: (Litwick)

Trait: Flash Fire
Nature: Timid/Modest
EVs are of no concern yet

Fire Blast
Energy Ball (TM 53)
Shadow Ball (TM 30 or Level up)
Hidden Power (Water) (TM 10) or Will-o-Wisp

Now wait till Village Bridge:

Trait: Water Absorb
Nature: Modest
EVs are not important

Surf (HM 03)
Ice Beam
Ice Shard
Thunderbolt (TM 24)

Last is after Marlon: (Zweilous)

Trait: Levitate
Nature: Modest
Evs are of no concern

Surf (HM 03)
Dragon Pulse
Fire Blast (TM 38)
Dark Pulse (Move Tutor)

I know that 5/6 of these are Special Attackers but this is ingame. It wil not matter much and these are the best that this team can have. :)

how can you get hydreigon after marlon?its only obtainable after the pokemon leaque
I like you. My favorite starter, Eeveelution, ghost type, a dragon type, 2nd favorite fighting type (my first favorite is Mienfoo/shao ) And of course, Lapras. I love grass, ice, dragon, and psychic types. I think I might try it soon, but I already tried to get Lapras once, but I only found one and it used Perish Song and couldn't find another, so I went with an Azumarill.
2 votes

Starter: Oshawott
A very good starter. Tepig is probably the best starter, but there are many fire types in the game which are way better than it.
Surf / Aqua Tail
Waterfall / Cut / Iron Tail
Megahorn / X-Scissor / Air Slash / Ice Beam /
Revenge / Superpower
Team Member 2: Crobat
Unique typing, fast and a powerhouse attacker. Zubat should be caught before the 3rd gym in the Castelia Sewers
Bite / Dark Pulse
Acrobatics / Aerial Ace
U - Turn / X - Scissor / Hidden Power Bug
Cross Poison / Poison Fang / Sludge Bomb
(NOTE: I'd probably stay away from the special moves that Crobat learns, but they're an option)
Team Member 3: Excadrill
Great typing, amazing sweeper and it's a freaking mole. What is NOT to like? Catch after the 3rd gym in the Relic Passage.
Earthquake / Drill Run
Swords Dance / Home Claws
Rock Slide / Poison Jab / X - Scissor
Iron Head / Metal Claw
Team Member 4: Galvantula
Amazing ability, boosting Thunder to 9!% accuracy, fast and has good special attack. Catch in Chargestone Cave after Gym 5. Galvantula and Excadrill make a great core against Skyla. Preferred ability: Compoundeyes.
Thunder / Thunderbolt
Bug Buzz / Signal Beam
Hidden Power Ice
Giga Drain / Energy Ball
Team Member 5: Chandelure
Great typing, amazing Special Attack and it looks pretty cool. Litwick, it's first pre-evolved form is very easy to catch. Catch Litwick in the Stranger's House after Gym 6. 5 Pokemon before Gym 6 can be a handful.
Flamethrower / Fire Blast / Heat Wave
Dark Pulse
Shadow Ball
Team Member 6: Weavile
Sneasel isn't hard to catch, good movepool, high attack and extremely fast. Catch before Gym 8 in the Giant Chasm or after. Your choice.
Ice Punch / Ice Shard
Night Slash / Shadow Claw / Foul Play / Beat Up
X - Scissor / Poison Jab / Swords Dance
Low Kick / Brick Break / Low Sweep

A few things I'd like to say about this team:
This team was very successful against the Pokemon Gyms, Team Plasma and the Elite Four. It also has perfect synergy and covers all types in Black/White 2, which is very handy when facing an opponent one Pokemon can't handle. The Pokemon are caught quite spaced out, so you won't be slipping levels anytime soon in the game.

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2 votes

Pokemon White 2 Team:

-Serperior (Grass) (Overgrow) (Miracle Seed)
Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace
enter image description here

-Arcanine (Fire) (Flash Fire) (Charcoal)
Outrage, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed
enter image description here

-Vaporeon (Water) (Water Absorb) (Mystic Water)
Shadow Ball, Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam
enter image description here

-Lucario (Fighting/Steel) (Inner Focus) (Black Belt)
Aura Sphere, Psychic, Ice Punch, Dark Pulse
enter image description here

-Zoroark (Dark) (Illusion) (Left Overs)
U Turn, Night Daze, Flamethrower, Focus Blast
enter image description here

-Haxorus (Dragon) (Dragon Fang) (Mould Breaker)
Rock Slide, Outrage, Guillotine, Earthquake
enter image description here

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1 vote

so far i'm doing a play through of B&W2 atm, and this is my endgame team
and the Pokemon I'm using are as below:

vaporeon @ leftovers
ability : hydration
nature : modest
moves: rain dance, surf, rest, shadowball/ice beam
(if you research into this, you'l see why its so powerful)
- shadow ball for coverage and ice beam to get rid of those pesky dragons. it is also your surfer and does well at it!

scrafty @ chesto berry
ability : moxie
nature : adament
moves: dragon dance, rest, crunch, crick break/closecombat
-capable of taking down anyone as a physical sweeper my personal favourite :)

chandelure @ quick claw
ability : flame body
nature : modest
moves : pain split, shadowball, energyball, minimize(use with pain split to make chandelure a hard target to hit!)
- tanky special sweeper that makes it hard to survive a long battle against

eelektross @ expert belt
ability : levitate
nature : doesnt really matter on this one, but boosted att would help alot!
moves : thunder, drain punch, facade, aqua tail
- now there is a reason that I have this moveset, if I use vaporeon before I send out this beast, thunder has stab +100% accuracy because of the rain, and aqua tail now has boosted power aswell because of the rain. drain punch is to gain hp back (which is why the att nature helps) and facade is because 9/10 times the only way to take this machine down is with poison, or burn or paralysis, this makes the status condition backfire on them bigtime ;) there is a method to my madness! but even without the rain its still a very powerful Pokemon that will rely on luck with the thunder, so worth it.

roserade @ big root/miracle seed
ability : natural cure
nature : boosted speed or spec attack
moves : toxic, venoshock, giga drain, leechseed/grasswhistle
- this be my shredder! if I come across a Pokemon with high hp or defense, this is what I turn to. toxic to venoshock is always a powerful combo + stab makes it stronger, and then giga drain for hp and stab, alround great move, and finally leech seed/grasswhistle, leech seed+toxic= massive damage per turn plus your attack, and you get more hp back with the big root, or you can use grass whistle to save yourself from fainting and giving yourself some hp for a couple of turns. cheeky hey :P

and finally!

flygon @ lum berry
ability : levitate (dont get much choice)
nature : boosted speed or attack
moves : outrage, stone edge, fly, roost
- flygon has been a favourite since it came out in ruby saffire and emerald, outrage is rediculously strong with the lum berry (no consequence of confusion! >.<) stone edge has high crit and takes care of the other weakness ice! (4xsuper effective) fly purely because you cant have flygon without fly ;) and it gives good coverage. and stalls out a battle. and roost because who doesnt like a good heal on a Pokemon!? :P

now those that have read this may be wondering why I dont have a starter in this team?
thats because I find the starters to scale out late into the game and dont have the play style that I enjoy, although if I was to use a starter in this team, I would swap out roserade for this:

serperior @ scope lense
nature : boosted attack
moves : coil, aqua tail, iron tail, leaf blade, synthesis
- now I have fiddled around with all the starters in black and white, and found serperior to be the most successful, I have tried a special attack based one and it didnt even compare to the power of this one, aqua tail and iron tail both get benifits from coil in the accuracy department, (and take out 2 of your weaknesses fire and ice) and leaf blade for stab and with the scope lense if that thing crits, it will hurt! finally synthesis is to help out with the coil, if your D or the oppenent is hitting hard on you, and its another heal, I like heals :)

this is my personal favourite team and all of my Pokemon have great survive-ability which makes versing "glass cannon" Pokemon like mienshoa and lucario fun! very fun, and if you use marilands black and white 2 team builder, you will find that this team have great coverage ( can hit every type super effectively ) and have good defensive stats.
thanks! and I hope this helped alot to anyone reading <3

Why does serperior have five moves?
GarchompFTW, I think it has five moves because you can choose to put either Aqua Tail or Iron Tail.
better trade aqua tail with aerial ace, aqual tail will only cover fire, and most of the times you will use another pokemon to deal with fire types, an flying move can make it more versatile and also cover against bug pokemon. With coil improving his defense and ofense, aerial ace even become stronger easy,
1 vote

This team is for all those who chose serperior like I did.
This is a team for Black 2 only.


Leaf Blade
Aqua Tail

The serperior best moveset on this post.Coil to up stats that serperior's arn't that high like defence or attack.Leaf Blade for STAB,probably be the only grass type move on the team,and it's just like flamethrower and surf beacause of power and PP.Aqua Tail beacause of Emboar and other fire types.Return beacause she'll like you beacause she's your starter,wich means she'll have max happiness,boosting this move's power.


@Lum Berry
Swords Dance
Stealth Rock
Rock Slide

Steel is a sub for a rock Pokemon, but can get all of the moves I would've wanted on a rock Pokemon.Swords Dance is for improving some of excadrill's stats that arn't that strong.Stealth Rock is to set up my only hazard and with Excadrill being 2nd in my party,this hazard will hurt a lot of the other team's Pokemon.Rock Slide I need for type coverage,and it's probabley the only rock move i'll get out of this team.Earthquake is STAB,and has a very good range of type coverage.


@Water Gem
Ability:Shell Armor
Ice Beam
Body Slam

I know it takes a while to get to Undella Bey,but until then,you can replace wailren with Vaporeon.Ice Beam is STAB and is good when you wan a move with high PP.Surf is also STAB and you need to surf outside of battle!I was thinking of putting outrage in this spot but ice beam covers dragon. Body Slam I put in here beacause it's strong and has a nice chance of paralyes.
Psychic I put here for fighting types who think they can defeat my lapras with Close Combat.Plus this is the only Psychic move on the team.


@Quick Claw
Ability:Flash Flare
Iorn Tail
Double Team

This will be my fire type on this team.Flamethrower I prefer over fire blast,lave plume,or overheat beacause of it's total PP,15 PP for a 90 power move,i'll take it any day, but you can't forget the STAB.It'll also probably be the only fire type move.Iorn Tail beacause Excadrill's moveset was filled up with other moves it didn't have space for.Superpower beacause this team does'nt have much fighting types and i'm certaintly not picking rock smash.Double Team can be very useful and belive it or not,can annoy the heck out of your opponent.


@Dark Gem

Mandibuzz with a dark gem!Powerful!This guy is mostly for the E4.Payback to cover Psychic and Ghost types,plus STAB,and an extra bonus beacause somebody probably fainted already.U-Turn for secondary Psychic coverage,and coverage of one of it's own types,dark.Fly is STAB,beats fighting types in the E4 like Minshao,and with one of Mandibuzz's types being flying,fighting is only regularly effective.Roost for the recovery.


@Light Clay
Light Screen

Galvantula.I took this guy beacause of his second type,bug.X-Scisor is STAB,and the only bug type move on this team other than Mandibuzz's U-Turn.Thunder is STAB,and I admire it for it's 10 PP on a 120 power move.Light Screen beacause of it's helpfulness in defence and with the light clay,the turn total of this lasting is 8.I use this move beacause galvantula will usually be my last hope Pokemon,meaning my last in a battle.Substitute is good for a final Pokemon and Light Screen helps make it last.

Well,that's it!Hope it's a great team!

edited by
Sure thing Cosmic Z
Flareon is a bad option...
Flareon is the worst of the eeveelutions and mandibuzz without weak armour you have to wait until level 54 or somthing
I hate that flareon sucks.... its sooo cute! this set is meh.
Yes! Someone else uses Aqua Tail on Serperior too!!!
1 vote

Alright ill do a snivy based team. Pre elite four only. ill assume that the Pokemon are around level 57.

Serperior @ Miracle Seed

  • Coil
  • Leaf Blade
  • Aqua tail
  • Light Screen

Arcanine @ Charcoal

  • Flare Blitz
  • Outrage
  • Wild Charge
  • Extremespeed

Vaporeon @ Leftovers

  • Toxic
  • Protect
  • Surf
  • Ice Beam

Flygon @ Expert Belt

  • Dragon Claw
  • Bulldoze
  • Fire Punch
  • Fly

Absol @ Silk Scarf

  • Night Slash
  • Psycho cut
  • Quick Attack
  • Swords Dance

Beheeyem @ Twistedspoon

  • Calm Mind
  • Psychic
  • Shadow Ball
  • Energy Ball

Swords dance on absol is a bad idea. It’s going to get OHKOd before the next turn.
1 vote

- Surf (STAB, good power & accuracy and Surf is needed to complete the game)
- Ice Beam (Coverage)
- Megahorn (For grass types AND psychic & dark elite 4's)
- Superpower (Coverage)

- Close Combat/Aura Sphere (STAB)
- Flash Cannon (more STAB)
- Rock Slide (Coverage against fire and flying types)
- ExtremeSpeed (Neutral coverage)

- Flare Blitz (Powerful STAB)
- Crunch (Coverage, always handy to have a dark type move around)
- Outrage (Powerful neutral coverage)
- Wild Charge (water types)

- Outrage (Powerful STAB)
- Earthquake (More powerful STAB)
- Fly (Needed to travel, good power)
- Fire Punch (those pesky ice types)

- Thunder (STAB, 91% accuracy with ability)
- Bug Buzz (STAB)
- Giga Drain (healing)
- Volt Switch (i know, another electric move, but it makes galvantula a good lead off Pokemon for the PWT and other mixed battles (i.e. Ghetsis or Colress))

Reniculus (White 2 only, Gothietelle is a solid alternative)
- Psychic (STAB)
- Shadow Ball (Used for other psychics and ghosts)
- Energy Ball (Coverage)
- Thunder Wave (main tool for catching Pokemon)

1 vote

Pokemon White 2 Team:

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here
enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here


  1. Serperiorenter image description here
    Miracle Seed
    Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Coil

  2. Volaronaenter image description here
    Flame Body
    Heat Wave, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Roost

  3. Seismitoadenter image description here
    Swift Swim
    Mystic Water
    Surf, Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Toxic

  4. Archeopsenter image description here
    Fly, Acrobatics, Stone Edge, Thrash

  5. Zoroarkenter image description here
    Left Overs
    Night Daze, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Focus Blast

  6. Haxorusenter image description here
    Mould Breaker
    Dragon Fang
    Dragon Claw, Outrage, Guillotine, Earthquake

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1 vote

This is for White 2 only!!


Ability: Torrent
Item: NevermeltIce
- Ice Beam : TM13 in Giant Chasm
- Hydro Pump : Level 62
- Megahorn : Move Reminder
- Superpower : Move Tutor in Lentimas Town for 10 Blue Shards

Your everyday mixed sweeper, which Samurott was built for. Yawn. This set has STAB, coverage, and a strong ice move (great for Iris, Cynthia and Benga).


Ability: Steadfast/Inner Focus doesn't matter
Item: Focus Sash
- Aura Sphere : Level 51
- Extreme Speed : Level 65
- Earthquake : TM26 from Route 15
- Stone Edge : TM71 from Twist Mountain

This set takes a while to get, especially Stone Edge, but it maximizes Lucario's ability as a physical sweeper. Then why do I have Aura Sphere? Because Steel types have much higher Def than SpDef, making Aura Sphere a much more helpful move especially because it never misses.


Ability: Sturdy
Item: Leftovers
- Thunderbolt : TM24 from Victory Road
- Flash Cannon : TM91 from Twist Mountain
- Hyper Beam : TM15 from Shopping Mall 9 for 90k pokedollars
- Toxic : TM06 from Seaside Cave

Lots of TMs, I know. But honestly Magnezone just doesn't learn a whole lot of great moves for late in the game. The first two are STAB, and Hyper Beam is strong neutral coverage. Toxic is a bit of a filler, Magnet Rise is another good move to use. Leftovers is to maximize his use as a special tank.


Ability: Defiant
Item: Life Orb
- Superpower : Level 51
- Brave Bird : Level 63
- Giga Impact : TM68 from Shopping Mall 9 for 90k pokedollars
- Shadow Claw : TM65 from Celestial Tower

Did someone ask for a physical sweeper? Cuz I did. With the ability Defiant, your opponents help you beat them even more quickly. It can be really, really helpful. Brave Bird and Giga Impact are STAB, while Superpower and Shadow Claw allow you to take out a wide variety of annoying opponents.


Ability: Illusion
Item: Dark Glasses/Wide Lens
- Night Daze : Level 64
- Flamethrower : TM35 from Route 23
- Dig : TM28 from Route 4
- Focus Blast : TM52 from Wellspring Cave

This guy is a baller in-game. Great Spd and SpAtk, with pretty good Att to boot, makes Zoroark the perfect play. Illusion isn't a great ability, but used correctly can work as damage control for a move or two. Night Daze is fantastic STAB, which I prefer over Foul Play both for the accuracy drop and that many Psychic/Ghost types don't have big Atk stats. Flamethrower and Focus Blast hit lots of things for lots of damage. Dig is a bit of a filler, but its always nice to have another Ground move on the squad. Also, if you didn't know, Zoroark will get boosted Exp points because you trade him from N. How great is that?


Ability: Flame Body
Item: Expert Belt
- Heat Wave : Level 60
- Bug Buzz : Level 70
- Giga Drain : Move Tutor in Humilau City for 10 Yellow Shards
- Psychic : TM29 from Route 13

The special sweeper of all special sweepers, at least in game. Not only does Volcarona boast fantastic Spd and SpAtk, but its movepool is so large and varied it can hit almost everything supereffectively (hence the expert belt). If you can get there, which I haven't yet, Volcarona learns Hurricane (Level 90) and Fiery Dance (Level 100), two OP moves that you should totally have. The set I currently run has two STABs, the ever-useful Giga Drain and Marshal's-worst-nightmare Psychic. There's honestly dozens of amazing sets you can run on Volcarona, this is just the one I chose.

Just as a warning, only use this team if you want to destroy every trainer you can find. Have fun!

Is this team supposed to be pre-elite 4, because TM26, TM71, and TM91 are only available post-game.
A very good team
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enter image description here
-Leaf Blade
-Aqua Tail/Iron Tail
-Dragon Tail

Your starter.Leaf Blade is STAB,Cut is HM.Aqua Tail is for Fire types whereas Iron Tail is for Ice types,it actually depends on you that whether Fire or Ice type is more tough for you.Dragon Tail is for taking out strong Dragon types such as Haxorus.If you have difficulties defeating Roxie I prefer you catch a Magnemite and then release it after defeating her.

enter image description here
-Shadow Ball
-Hidden Power(Fire)
-Signal Beam

Your psychic type.Psychic is STAB and can also be used to KO Marshal because of its speed.Shadow Ball is to counter Ghost types.Try to get a Hidden Power Fire type to counter Bug types,Flying and Rock type Hidden Power are also good.Signal Beam is used to counter Dark types.

enter image description here
-Dragon Claw
-Rock Slide

Your team`s flyer.Dragon Claw is STAB.Earthquake is a powerful move but it is not good for double or triple battles so thats why Dig can be an option and it can also be used to exit caves.Rock Slide is for Ice types and Fly is HM.

enter image description here

Your team`s surfer.Surf,Waterfall and Dive are all HM.Bounce is for Grass types.

enter image description here
-Drain Punch
-Rock Slide

Your fighter.Drain Punch is STAB and restores your HP a bit.U-turn is for psychic types and can be really helpful since the ability is Regenerator.Rock Slide is for Flying types and Strength is HM.

enter image description here
-Ice Punch
-Ice Shard
-Night Slash
-Aerial Ace

Your fast Dragon/Psychic sweeper.Ice Punch is STAB.Ice Shard is STAB and always hits first.Night Slash is STAB.Aerial Ace is for Fighting and Bug types.

Pokemon locations:
enter image description here
Snivy(Serperior):Obtained as a starter from Aspertia city.
enter image description here
Eevee(Espeon):It is found in Castelia city`s short area after Castelia sewers.
enter image description here
Trapinch(Flygon):Found in Desert Resort.
enter image description here
Wailmer(Wailord):Catch a Pokemon that can learn Surf,teach it Surf and then Surf in Rippling water in Undella bay.
enter image description here
Mienfoo(Mienshao):Go to route 14,you can find it in regular grass not in dark grass.
enter image description here
Sneasel(Weavile):Go to Giant Chasms forest (known as Crater forest)and then find one in a Hidden Grotto since you want its hidden ability.

Hope you like it!

How to evolve Eevee in to Espeon?I know everything else about the team.It just won`t evolve.
It will evolve during day time with high friendship,it takes time for it to evolve.
Never thought of using warlord before.
Dude seriously warlord
I meant Wailord. It was a typo