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In my Pokemon White 2 version I have a team of five and I need help with finding a new member.
My team consists of:

Liepard-female- LV. 40
Gental Natured
Item: Scope Lens
Hone Claws, Assurance, Cut, and Slash

Altaria-female- LV. 41
Rash Natured
Natural Cure
Take down, Refresh, D-Dance, and DragonBreath

Volcarona-female- LV. 41
Quirky Natured
Flame Body
Psychic, Leech Life, Fly, and Fire Spin

Sawsbuck-male- LV. 40
Jolly Natured
Serene Grace
Item: Miracle Seed
Faint Attack, Energy Ball, Jump Kick, and Horn Leech

Samurott-male-LV. 40
Serious Natured
Item: Mystic Water
Slash, Razor Shell, Retern, and Surf

I need my last member and some evaluation on my team, I am free for opinions, but I would truly like some help.


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Lucario could round you out nicely. You can catch riolu at Floccesy ranch.
The team you have is balanced, but how did you get a lv 40 volcarona?

The only criticism I have is that your natures are poor, but that rarely affects in game battles.

Maybe sub liepard for krookodile when you can.

I found the Volcorona in the relic castle at LV. 35 And thank you for your time and help
Oh yeeeah! I forgot that guy!

And it is my pleasure.
I agree
lucario is the best choice