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I'm at the eighth Gym in my Pokemon Platinum run and I'm supremely under-leveled. My team is from level 27 to 43. Also, if it isn't much of a hassle it would be great if you could recommend a 6th team member.
Infernape Level 43 Close Combat/Mach Punch/ Flame Wheel/Grass Knot
Feraligator Level 39 Surf/ Ice Fang (Considering Replacing with Avalanche)/Waterfall(Egg Move)/Crunch
Jolteon Level 41 Thunderbolt/ Quick Attack/ Thunder/ Double Kick
Lucario Level 27 Quick Attack/ Force Palm/ Endure/ Reversal
Crobat Level 38 Bite/ Sludge Bomb/ Fly/ Steel Wing

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I recommend training them to level 48-50 since that's my Pokemon's level at the eighth gym while playing platinum. You should beat every trainer you find. I feel like you didn't battle most of the Trainers in the Game, which is why your Pokemon is so underleveled. Even if you did that, you also need more training for your Pokemon. I think a great spot to train them would be Iron Island, also use an Exp Share. But that would take a lot of time. You should provide your current moveset so that we can know your team's weakness.
It's a lot faster to repeatedly challenge Volkner and you'll gain experience as long as you defeat at least one Pokemon per battle. For your sixth Pokemon, I'd recommend Weavile, as the Elite Four has a ground specialist and a psychic specialist, and Cynthia has three ice-weak Pokemon.
Thank you for you suggestions I'll post their movesets immediately.

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it seems you lack a grass type or ic type so in my opinion abomasnow would fit into the 6th position of your party quite nicely
Here is a moveset
Blizzard (will never miss cause of hail)
Wood hammer (does do a bit of recoil but is tanky)
Ice shard (priority)
Synthesis or seed bomb (increase tankiness or kill target before they kill you
Just watch out for cynthia's garchomp and if you want replace feraligatr for gastrodon for coverage and it wreks volkenrs gym
Muddy water
Water pulse (confusion is good)
Mud bomb
Use the ability storm drain agains waters

In my opinion Weavile is better since two of his Pokemon are weak to psychic. Weavile is also much more faster and can sweep teams easily unlike Abomasnow who is too slow.
This doesn't fully answer the question.
Yea. He asked for a grinding place.
oh srry a good grinding place based on his team  would probably be mt coronet the pokemon there are in the thirties on the upper levles and wevile is a bit of a glass cannon and crobat can get crunch for coverage also he needs a grass/ice type
Also I should probably remind you that synthesis does almost nothing in hail.