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So, here's my team that I've built so far:
I know, it's a typical team... lol
I need a flying type Pokemon that fits in with the team I have right now. Thanks.


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You can use the egg Cynthia gave you earlier in your journey and evolve it all the way to a Togekiss. This Pokemon is one of my favorite to use so I would definitely recommend using it. All you have to do is raise Togpi's happiness after it hatches then level it up. After, you're gonna wanna find a shiny stone. There is one in route 210. In order to find it you're gonna need a dowsing machine.

Another one that won't require so much hard work is Altaria. Not only is it a badass Dragon type (imo) but it has pretty good stats and moves. you can encounter a Swablu in route 210 up in the north part of it. You can then evolve it at level 35.

One last suggestion would be another fairly easy one. That Pokemon would be Staraptor. This Pokemon is quite the hard hitter and is very fast. Just like in the area where you can get a shiny stone and Swablu being route 210 you catch a Staravia after you're gonna want to level it up to level 34 and there you go!

Hope this helped!
~Cynthia :)

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lol, that's pretty ironic :P :)
Altaria's stats are pretty bad, and Togepi can be hard to evolve, so the only really good Pokemon in this suggestion is Staraptor. Even if you did choose Togepi, you should evolve it ASAP because Togetic has much better stats and can learn magical leaf, and there's no good reason to delay Togepi's evolution.
Altaria is a really good Pokemon and can even be used in competitive if you wanted to and so what if Togepi takes work everything takes at least a little work in Pokemon AND IF YOU WANTED TO ANSWER THE QUESTION ANSWER IT. This is for a play through not for competitive so stats don't matter as much as you think they would.
Cynthia, please stop flagging comments that are not breaking the rules, thank you. This is a discussion not a personal attack, please keep it civil. Your attitude is helping nobody.
So what if Altaria is a strong Pokemon? That doesn't matter when you can't get it until half the game is over, which kind of ruins the point of being able to use a flying Pokemon against the grass gym and the fighting gym (and several rival battles). Togepi doesn't inherently "take a lot of work"; it takes a lot of work to reach a certain performance. One can also put the same amount of work into a Starly or a Zubat or a Gligar and get much better performance, or get the same amount of performance and put in a lot less work. And if stats don't matter for in-game, then what does? There has to be some way to decide whether one Pokemon is better than another, or this question would be pointless.
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Yanmega, it covers the Roserade and Infernape's weakness against psychic with it's bug typing. It is also covered by your Vaporeon, Luxray and Infernape.
Yanmega is a Sp. Attacker with decent stats in gerenal (except for Sp. Def) so it's not too shabby imo.
As for moves, I would recommend using: Airslash, Bug buzz, Uproar and an optional move (Psychic?).

Togekiss, it both has higher and better stats than Yanmega, as it lacks attack instead of Sp. Def (which is good for this pokémon). It can learn alot of different TMs, many of which are Sp. Atk oriented. But can unfortunetaly not learn many moves by leveling up.
As for moves, I would recommend using: Fly/Airslash, Shadowball, Psychic and Flamethrower.

The only physical attacker I think might fit is Honchkrow, but seeing as how you find Murkrow in Diamond not much can be done about it. If you must use a physical attacker, I'd recommend...

Gliscor, has a good type matchup and can act as tank since you don't have much of one already.
As for moves, I would recommend using: *Fire Fang, Earthquake, Brick Break and Poison Jab/X-Scissor/Slash.

I hope I've helped. :)
-I like Gible

Thank you as well!
Glad to be of service :)
Remember Staraptor is a physical attacker too
Gliscor can't learn any good flying attacks, though. Also, why is aura sphere not a good move for Togekiss? It's very powerful, can't miss, and doesn't require a TM.
Because smart alec she doesn't learn it unless you use a move rememberer and this is for a play through not for competitive play
Flamethrower and psychic can't be learned unless TMs are used. Are the TMs really more expendable than a heart scale?
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Drifblim is your best bet becauseit can take hits and counter with shadowball, pyschic, thunderbolt, and fly.

I think it's still worse than Staraptor because Staraptor can move first so it doesn't need to take a hit, and Staraptor can hit harder.
but what starpter adds to the team, infernape already covers
First, Pokemon can be good for playthroughs even if they don't have good types. Second, Staraptor adds a ground immunity and fighting coverage, neither of which is already done by Infernape.