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My team is Gardevoir, Luxray, Crobat, Garchomp, Rapidash, and Empoleon, but I want Girarina too in my team. Please help?

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I think you should replace Rapidash.
I think you should replace Gardevoir or Rapidash :)

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First, I recommend not using Giratina at all. You already have Garchomp on your team, and Garchomp is a dragon Pokemon that has stronger physical attack and speed and gets STAB on earthquake. The only situation when Giratina is better than Garchomp is when you're using HM moves or battling Lucian. In the second situation, you can just teach calm mind and shadow ball to Gardevoir and have Gardevoir completely solo that battle. So Giratina can learn HM moves and not do anything else a lot better compared to your other team members.

If you really want to use Giratina, replace Garchomp. Both Garchomp and Giratina have slow leveling rate, so keeping both of them will make your other team members gain less experience (unless you never let Giratina gain experience and use it as a HM slave). Garchomp and Giratina are also both dragon type, so keeping both of them will give you a harder time against any strong opponent (such as Cynthia's Milotic and Garchomp) knows an ice or dragon move. Replacing any other team member makes you lose more type coverage.

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If you didn't use TM Thunderbolt on Luxray, I'd suggest you to get rid of Luxray. It is useful only for the early gyms, but fails to achieve in the E4. This TM Thunderbolt can be used on Gardevoir. It has the potential to knock out Cynthia's Milotic and Togekiss with Calm Mind boosted T-Bolt, but Luxray can't handle them easily, because of having comparatively low SpA stat and weak Physical moves. If you had used the TM on Luxray, then Empoleon is the next best bet. It isn't useful to anyone but Flint which Garchomp can handle easily. The rest of the 'mons are equally important for Gyms and E4.

Hope this helps :)

Empoleon is weak to ground, but it's still more useful against Bertha compared to the other team members.
Giratina can beat Whiscash by stab. Gardevoir can help to beat 3 of them using Grass Knot (They are heavy)

84 SpA Gardevoir Grass Knot (40 BP) vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Whiscash: 108-128 (58 - 68.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (Giratina)
Lvl 50 84 SpA Gardevoir Grass Knot (120 BP) vs. Lvl 52 0 HP / 0 SpD Golem: 320-380 (198.7 - 236%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Lvl 50 84 SpA Gardevoir Grass Knot (120 BP) vs. Lvl 55 244 HP / 0 SpD Solid Rock Rhyperior: 258-306 (106.6 - 126.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Lvl 50 84 SpA Gardevoir Grass Knot (120 BP) vs. Lvl 55 252 HP / 0 SpD Hippowdon: 140-166 (59.5 - 70.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Lvl 50 84 SpA Gardevoir Moonblast vs. Lvl 52 0 HP / 0 SpD Gliscor: 84-100 (53.8 - 64.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (anyone else)
Also Empoleon is the only Pokemon on this team that can learn ice beam, which is very useful against Cynthia.
If you really want to go that far to show that Empoleon is redundant, then Garchomp is also just as redundant. Luxray can defeat Volkner by spamming return.
-1 0 Atk Electivire Fire Punch vs. 84 HP / 84 Def Luxray: 27-32 (17 - 20.2%) -- possible 5HKO
84 Atk Luxray Return vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Electivire: 63-75 (42 - 50%) -- 0.4% chance to 2HKO

Empoleon defeats Bertha's ground-weak Pokemon.
Lvl 45 84 SpA Empoleon Surf vs. Lvl 55 0 HP / 0 SpD Solid Rock Rhyperior: 219-261 (105.2 - 125.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Empoleon can't solo Flint, but it can do so much damage that it should be easy for the other team members to clean up.
Lvl 57 0 SpA Magmortar Thunderbolt vs. Lvl 57 84 HP / 84 SpD Empoleon: 92-110 (50.2 - 60.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Lvl 57 84 SpA Choice Specs Empoleon Surf vs. Lvl 57 0 HP / 0 SpD Magmortar: 204-242 (120 - 142.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Cynthia's Lucario is not much of a threat.
Lvl 53 84 Atk Rapidash Flare Blitz vs. Lvl 60 0 HP / 0 Def Lucario: 174-206 (101.1 - 119.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO
But Garchomp can solo Flint and Volkner. Can Empoleon defeat rest of the Bertha's and Flint's team? And Choice specs? Empoleon can't OHKO Magmortar w/o Choice Specs. In turn Empoleon get's knocked out. Also, I accept that Empoleon is the only pokemon who can learn Ice Beam, but can it move before it gets knocked out by Garchomp's Super Effective STAB move? Giratina can withstand that.
Garchomp can solo Volkner, but evolving Garchomp before defeating Volkner requires a lot of extra grinding.
Lvl 48 0 Atk Luxray Ice Fang vs. Lvl 45 84 HP / 84 Def Gabite: 160-192 (121.2 - 145.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Empoleon can solo Bertha's Golem, Hippowdon, and Rhyperior and then defeat one of Whiscash and Gliscor, which is pretty close to a solo.