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(Platinum BTW!!)

I catched a female Ralts whom I nicknamed Nao a few months ago mid-game whilst playing Platinum and it has evolved to Kirlia (currently Lvl. 20). Though, I replaced her with my Machoke, Dumpling.

I started to think that "Maybe I don't really need a Machoke?? I already have a good fighting type a.k.a my beloved Infernape" So I plan on replacing Dumpling with Nao.

Though, I still kinda doubt my decision. Any suggestions?


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Unless the galactic Golbats are giving you trouble, don't use Gardevoir. It sucks balls in platinum and it doesn't help you in any noteworthy battle. Even Maylene would prove to be a problem for her because two of her mons are neutral to psychic. Gardevoir would just horribly lose especially in the elite four against Aaron. If you wanna use Gardevoir, use it for the fun of it and only when you have a really sound team. Gardevoir horribly sucks in platinum against most noteworthy battles

If you already have Infernape, then just dump Machoke. You don't need double fighting types especially since Infernape is so much more faster, that is unless you are able to evolve it somehow and in which case, I guess Machamp is good but I still wouldn't recommend it. There is a reason why Infernape is considered one of the best mons from gen four

Use something stronger like Garchomp or Gyarados. Those two are super strong in platinum, especially Gyarados where you just dragon dance three times and one shot nearly everything. Magikarp is everywhere and you can get Gible as soon as you have the Eterna badge

But bottomline, from my own experience, Gardevoir sucks balls

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!! I do have a Gabite named Biscuit already!

Also that means I'll replace Dumpling with something else. Thanks for the suggestion!