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So the team I’m running now has Lucario, Arcanine, Vaporeon, Serperior, Zoroak, and Litwick. I also have Cobalion and I’m planning on catching a Bagon to evolve later, wanting any opinions on if I should replace one with Cobalion or once I get Bagon?

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Lucario and Cobalion are both strong Pokemon, but using both on the same team is a waste of a Pokemon slot and experience. Pick one to continue using and leave the other one in a PC box. As for Bagon, I'm pretty sure it's way too rare to be worth using.
Also you should probably stop using Arcanine because you already have a Litwick doing everything Arcanine does.

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Lucario and Cobalion have the same typings and so you should pick one to play through with. Same concept with litwick and arcanine, pick one then you can add bagon or something else. But as sumwun said, bagon is tricky to find and therefore may use up alot of time and patience to catch.
hope I helped :)

I agree with the lucario and arcanine statment
Lucario is the better pokemon out of the Steel Fighting
Be extra cautious when battling Marshall as he will have a 4x strong attack that will KO your lucario
Thats true
Yeah thanks! I replaced my arcanine with Sigilyph and trying to level it up and see how that goes as of now.
Love sigilyph, great 'mon
I remember when I was younger i used to think unown was his pre-evolution