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So basically, I just received N's Zorua in Black 2 (just playing it for nostalgia) and was wondering if I should replace my Krokorok with N's Zorua. Then should I replace it with a Hydreigon later on in Victory Road?

I'm mainly going for one with Pure Power, better overall, and how effective it'll be in-game. remember to also put down good movesets for the Pokemon selected (sweeper type movesets are what i'm looking for). Remember to also explain your choices as well.

The rest of my team as of now:
shiny Rufflet (traded from my White 2)

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I'm pretty sure Krookodile is better because it's ground type. Beating the game without a Braviary or Hydreigon is probably easier than evolving them, so I wouldn't recommend either of them.
Go with Krookodile.

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Krookodile is likely better because it's ground type. Its best ability is moxie, and its best moves are bite/crunch, earthquake, and rock tomb/rock slide. The experience required to evolve Hydreigon isn't worth it, so I'd say don't use Hydreigon at all.

The only thing you could use Hydreigon for in the main story is fighting the E4, and it does a pretty good job with it. If theyre somehow having trouble with the E4 then they can train up a Zweilous and evolve it
Just about any Pokemon is good at fighting the Elite 4 if you train it up to level 64. It doesn't need to be a Hydreigon.