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I have White, and my team so far is Leavanny, Emboar, Archeops, Seismitoad and Musharna. I have never played the game before so I don't know when I will get Zekrom or what level it will be on (I am training before battling N after defeating the Elite Four for the first time), but on the other hand I am finding it really difficult to actually catch a Deino in Victory Road, and I really want to get on with the game :/. If anyone could help that would be great, even if it's just tips on finding a Deino to catch :D

Zekrom if you like power. Zekrom is at level 50 when you encounter it and you encounter it a N's Castle
I would recommend Zekrom since it will be more fun battling with it when facing N and Ghetsis since it evolves at lv.64, the game will become just too easy. However this is solely my opinion. Hydreigon is a wonderful Pokemon to use and if you would prefer using it, go for it :)

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i trained hydreigon instead of zekrom and you dont have to look in all the victory road to catch one just go to the entrance enter (of course) and in the first floor run you will find a bunch of durants but for each 15 durants there's one deino in my opinion.

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In Pokémon White I recommend Zekrom due to it being a legendary Pokémon and also with Hydreigon you need to train Deino and I have tried that and it is really hard because I think that Deino and Zweilous needs a lot of experience and also Zweilous has to be level 50-60 to evolve to Hydreigon so Zekrom is a faster way. By the way before you verse N you will encounter Zekrom in N's Castle then you will have to remove one of your Pokémon from your party and put it in the PC (which it lets you do without going to a PC) and replace it with Zekrom so don't train your Pokémon to strong (Zekrom also comes at level 50 and N's Reshiram is level 52 so train all your other Pokémon to verse N's other level 50 Pokémon). Hope I helped.

training deino isnt that hard
Btw zweilous evolves at level 64