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Hydreigon has access to 2 flying type moves begin Acrobatics and Fly
It has no access to other moves which are super-effective against Fighting types, but generally when facing one Hydreigon would either 1. switch out or 2. use Draco Meteor xD
Hyderigon's base 125 SpA is generally enough to cover it against fighting types with STAB Draco Meteor providing he hits first of course =)

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If I'm gonna teach my Hydreigon Draco Meteor then I'll give it a White Herb and then teach it Acrobatics. Does that sound good?
Or i'll teach it Dragon Pulse and give it a Dragon Gem.
Lyl, don't forget Hidden Power.
oh yes how could I!
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Hydreigon can learn Zen Headbutt move from the move tutor in black/white 2 on Lentimas town. It requires 8 blue shards to learn the move. You know when Zen Headbutt is Psychic-type move. So, yes it is super effective to cover fighting type Pokemons. If you can't earn this move well, you should learn your Hydreigon Fly or Acrobatics.

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oh nice spot. lol. I was using smogon moves >.< no zen headbutt there
So, that means. He can't learn zen headbutt? But, i checked out on PokemonDB.
no he can :P but the smogon moves doesn't include those tutor moves so i missed it